Do What You Do Best – I Make Beautiful Smiles

What difference does a beautiful smile make?

You tell me…do you think a person feels different with new smile?

The difference a beautiful smile makes is nothing short of life changing.

I came from the Cosmetic Center of the World, Los Angeles, and have the pleasure to serve Louisville as a Cosmetic Dentist now. I believe everyone deserves to have the confidence and self esteem a lovely smile exudes.

That being said, everybody is good at something. Some dentists do the best root canals, some the best dentures, some the best braces. I have a passion and a talent for Cosmetic Dentistry and that is all I focus on. You cannot be the best at everything! General Dentists in the area refer to me for Cosmetic Dentistry and I have not done a root canal treatment myself in 10 years. Why? Because there are other dentists that do them better and so I refer to them. We all need to find our talent, focus on it, build it and bring it to the World.

If you have considered enhancing your smile, consider doing it right the first time with a dentist that lives and breathes cosmetic dentist, not someone that dabbles in the field. Experience really does matter.

At Ideal Dentistry I serve my patients by providing only the finest, best quality care backed with years of experience and a personal touch. I do not compete with all the insurance driven dental practices around here but I do fix a lot of botched dentistry…

I hope to see you soon to give you a smile that changes your World.

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