Fast. Beautiful.
Dental Implants.

Feel good about your teeth and eat the foods you love again.

Eat and Smile Again with Confidence

Millions of people are missing one or multiple teeth, requiring the use of removable dentures or bridgework. Many people struggle with loose fitting teeth. If you have this problem you already know the embarrassment of eating and smiling in public. TeethXpress can restore the ability to eat your favorite foods and to smile again!

At Ideal Dentistry we are laser focused on patient care and patient quality of life. The TeethXpress system will have you feeling and looking they way you deserve.

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Dental implant teeth are secured in place

Whether you are considering this life-changing procedure for either yourself or an individual you care for deeply, usually only a few short hours is all that is necessary to perform this procedure.

Very different from a removable denture, these new beautiful teeth are secured in place to dental implants. This means the teeth never move or shift when smiling, eating or talking.

Ideal Dentistry is a certified TeethXpress provider and is qualified to perform this dental implant procedure for you.

Why Dental Implants vs. Traditional Dentures?

  • Gold standard for tooth replacement
  • An investment that can last a lifetime
  • Helps preserve bone quality and volume, reducing appearance of premature aging
  • Works and feels like your own natural teeth
  • Strong and stable — no slippage or need for removal
  • Replaces teeth
  • Provides firm support of facial structures (lips and cheeks)
  • Restores proper chewing ability up to 100 percent to allow for a better diet and improved health
  • No need for costly denture creams or adhesives

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