Most dental plans today only cover part of the cost of complete dental care. Cosmetic dentistry is generally not covered by dental insurance policies, but partial benefits may offset some of the cost if the teeth are broken or are in need of repair.

To help our patients with financing.  We also accept Visa, MasterCard, & American Express. When extensive dental care is needed, financial plans are available. Our primary concern is for your dental health, but we are sensitive to your financial circumstances and our office manager can assist you with more information.

Financing Providers

The Best for Less

iDeal Smile Care  is an annual reduced fee membership dental plan that allows individuals and families – just like yours – to receive quality dental services from ideal Dentistry at prices that make sense for today’s economy. ideal Dentistry now offers the benefit of group dental care, plus the individualized attention and quality of premium private care, resulting in a healthier and happier you.

iDeal Smile Care provides something no other membership plan does – premium quality dentistry from one of the nation’s top dental practices at fees everybody can afford!

How does Smile Care Work?

You and your spouse, domestic partners and children up to 18 years old are eligible. Children may be members only as dependents of adult members. All eligible dependents must reside in the same house. Those enrolled prior to and including the last day of the month will be eligible on the first day of the following month. Members must remain in the plan a minimum of 12 months.

Your ideal Smile Care Membership Plan provides you with a Reduced Fee Schedule for dental services at ideal Dentistry. The ideal Dentistry Membership Plan is NOT an insurance plan. With the substantial savings offered by this plan the membership fee is often recovered in just one office visit.

If you would like to become a member, you can complete the enrollment form, include your annual membership payment and mail it or bring it into the office.

  • NO deductibles
  • NO claim forms
  • NO pre-authorization requirements
  • NO pre-existing condition limitations
  • NO waiting periods (immediate eligibility)
  • NO yearly maximum
  • FREE orthodontic consultations


Individual Membership

Two Members

Two Members and up to two dependents

Each additional dependent


Comprehensive Exam (New patient, initial visit)
Child Cleaning (2 per year, no co-pay)
Adult Cleaning (2 per year, no co-pay)
Fluoride (100% covered)
Implant Consultation
Periodic Exam (2 per year)
Limited Oral Exam
Periapical X-rays
Bitewing X-rays (1 set / yr.)
Full Mouth X-rays
(complete series or panoramic, one every three years)


Sealants 50% off
Teeth Whitening 20% off
Fillings 20% off
Crowns 20% off
Root Planing 20% off
Perio Maintenance 20% off
Dentures and Partials 20% off
Oral Surgery 20% off
CT Scan 50% off
Invisalign/ClearCorrect $600 off

The Fine Print

  • Patient’s portion of bill is due the date of service.
  • Membership must be paid in full before treatment begins.
  • Cannot be used in conjunction with insurance dental plan.

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