Does Your Smile Make A Difference?

During the campaign, President-Elect Obama had an engaging, winning smile; One reason was that his teeth were literally smiling. There are times when he may have been yawning, pausing, or thinking, but it appeared that he was smiling because his teeth are shaped in an arch form that enables him to just open his mouth to smile.

Barak Obama’s smiling teeth are a designed to give the appearance that he is smiling, all the time.  When you see the teeth, you see a smile!  Simple as that.  This is used with models all the time, taking years off their appearance and instilling youth back into their look.

Does a smile make a difference? 

It is a fact that we are attracted to people with good smiles.  Three of our four candidates ( or their advisers) have discovered this fact. Americans know it too. They know that a white smile has become a standard fashion accessory, not only for supermodels, pageant queens, news anchors and actresses , but also for regular folks and surely for their candidates.  A smile is not called “a winning smile” for no reason.

Today especially it is important to focus on the fact that first impressions are critical, and nothing makes a better first impression than an engaging confident smile.  On the other hand, all of us have met people who most certainly were “nice” but had smiles that dragged them down.  How would their life change if they had a winning smile?  What doors would open for them?  Will they ever take that important step and find out?  I hope so.

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