Cosmetic Dentures Month

Dentures, False Teeth, Plates, there are many names for these dental appliances, but regardless of what you call them, most people feel they look like fake teeth.  This is because most of them do look like fake teeth!

I am here today to tell you that false teeth can look as beautiful as the most beautiful real teeth!

Yes, many of my patients have false teeth.  You would recognize them (some are quite famous) but you would never believe they have false teeth.  That is because they wanted aesthetic, beautiful dentures.  The smile above is of a lady that gets many complements on her smile, but nobody knows that her teeth are actually dentures.

So, why do so many dentures look fake? Simple, you get what you pay for.  “Dentures by tonight” or some other gimmick means you are getting a cookie cutter product.  These cheap dentures come not only with poor aesthetics but a poor fit and many sore spots.  If you want to look 10-20 years older than you are, then go ahead, sign up with the one-size-fits-all denture.

I believe that a smile is one of your most valuable assets.  It does not matter if you have real or fake teeth, we can make them look beautiful and function great.  Our technician is amazing and dedicates her career to delivering only the most aesthetic teeth.  A good fitting aesthetic denture can take years, even decades off your look.  With so much riding on your smile, why would you compromise on something so important?

Now think about your smile.  Do you love it?  Does it reflect who you are?  Does it allow you to eat the foods you want?

If you answered no to any of the above then you need to come see us for a new smile.


If you want a new denture that can make you look your best or you have a friend that does, then contact us as soon as possible.  We are not a high volume practice and when we are completely booked we close the promotion.  So act now, take 10 years off your smile and see what a difference a beautiful smile can make in your life.

In an IDEAL world, everybody would be smiling 🙂

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68 comments on “Cosmetic Dentures Month

I am in need of getting my upper teeth extracted. I think my dentist has dentures made up already, but not sure. He sent me to someone else to get the tooth pulling done. yet I need a better price from the place I was referred to which I checked into already. My cell phone number is 763-229-xxxx! Also; Do you take Humana? Thanks in advance! Sincerily, Calvin Hill.

Dear Calvin,
If you are getting dentures then the whole process should have been explained to you until it was crystal clear to you! This is not a light decision and if there is confusion on how this is going to be done then you need to have your dentist explain it again. Most dentists pull teeth, so I am quite surprised to hear your dentist referred you (to an oral surgeon I assume).
With regards to cost, I don’t really quote anything over the phone as there are too many variables that apply. My practice focuses on quality, and for that reason I am out of network with all insurances in Kentucky. There are a few blog posts on this subject, just do a search for “insurance”. My goal is to improve the ranking in Kentucky’s oral care (we rank nearly dead last out off all States right now!), your health, and signing up with insurances ensures that quality is nearly impossible.
Please feel free to call my office at 502-228-4585 for more information or write me at

Hi…. I am 33 and thinking seriously about dentures. My teeth are in horrible condition and it affects every area of my life. I would need to go with the cheapest route yet I don’t want it to ‘look’ like the cheapest route. Also, I would be really nervous about my teeth being extracted. How does that work? Would I be out while this is done? Would I need to be off work and if so then how long? Thank you so much!

Dear Kim,
Dentures is a serious step, especially at 33. First you need to make certain this option is the best option. If dentures are the only option then make certain you get a beautiful pair of dentures. The cost for a beautiful pair of dentures and a “set of teeth” is not significant considering these now are your teeth for the next 70 years or so!
Removing teeth is not as bad as you may think, and yes, we do that all at once so we can immediately give you the denture and you walk out of the office with teeth.
Usually patients are not “out” while we do this, but some choose to see a oral surgeon to get put out. It all depends on how nervous you are. I would have to see your unique situation to make that call with you.
With regards to work, I would recommend about 2 days of rest. No work. You will be a bit sore and the new dentures will have sore spots that will need to be adjusted over the next few months while your mouth heals.
I hope this helps. Feel free to come in and talk to me about this anytime.

Hello I stumbled across your site the woman in the photo with the natural looking dentures may I ask the cost for this type of artisanship?
Thank you


Dear Lou,

Yes, dentures do not need to look like “dentures”. We are lucky to have a very talented artist that makes all our custom teeth.
There are many ways to make dentures, including implant supported dentures. I would recommend you stop by the office so I can see your specific situation and then I will be able to give you a better idea about cost.
Just like with anything in life, quality costs more, but ask yourself, do you want to live with a smile you cannot stand? What is a beautiful smile really worth? We feel that your smile is priceless! Most patients are able to get their dentures made with us and it changes their life.

Dear Dr.Hahn
Thank you timely for your response, I’d love to stop in the problem being Im on the west coast,
Im in concert with you about having something you just hate, Im an artist and if I knew the techniques I could most likely be able to make myself some dentures and pretty life like ones at that. as I have an eye for artistic detail, but for now I just have to accept my reality of being a non conventional artist I agree that you pretty much get what you pay but sometimes that’s not even true Ive noted in the industries of prosthetics/dentures It’s a pretty strange world of predators praying on peoples shame and being judgmental at the same time making things worse but Ive seen some glimpses of heart felt caring ( caring costs money!) but Ive only experienced that once from the local dental university and at the time I did not have and still do not have the 35-40 thousand dollars they wanted to achieve the results I hoped for so at this time I just hold my head up high and deal with life as it comes even though Im hurting inside and my confidence level is at very low point, I like the hope you seem to offer denture patients Im cautious because of many reasons but I go by the saying if it seems to good to be true well you get the idea I will most likely call you this week to pick your brain if that’s alright? I m saving for some work but would like to know to kinda how much, the price I mentioned above was for high end dentures from a high end manufacture and implants 4 bottom 2-3 top all done at my local dental university but that’s seems a long time ago, But Dr Hahn I still have hope! Even though I feel I have special needs that I don’t want too go into here on this forum. Thanks for reading this far!

Would you please let me know the manufacturer of your most aesthetic dentures. Thank you for your time

Aesthetic dentures require a teamwork approach between dentist and technician. One without the other does not work. I have developed a close relationship with several technicians over the past decade. We work together very well and understand each others requirements to achieve a world class result. If you are looking for a beautiful denture, please stop by the office and I will be more than happy to help you!

Hi.. I ran across your site and am very interested in a visit.. I am 31yrs old, I know, kind of young for dentures.. I had that disease that causes your teeth to rot inside out.. I had my teeth pulled shortly after my youngest son was born when I was 22yrs old.. The dentist I went to said there was no way to treat or fix my natural teeth.. Now for the last 10yrs I have walked around embarrassed about my teeth.. My first problem is that I only have an upper denture, I never received a lower set although I have no bottom teeth.. I too would love to have a smile I could be proud of like the photo you have above! I don’t have a lot of money, and unfortunately no health insurance ;(
My smile has caused me to not be me.. I no longer want to think people my age are starring and judging me by my smile and/or thinking wow, dentures at her age! This has affected my social life dramatically as well as being able to get a job, not because of me having dentures, but because of my lack of self esteem..
If you could PLEASE help me get me back, I would greatly appreciate it..
Also wondering if you could take an old picture of me with my natural teeth and possibly make dentures to look as close to the way they were?

I am sorry to hear your story. You are not alone. I get emails almost daily with sad, unfortunate tales. I wish I could help everyone…I do help many, and always offer a free consult to evaluate your condition. And yes, there are many ways to make a beautiful, natural looking denture fit into your budget!
Bringing an old picture is highly encourages and yes, we can make the teeth look just about the same! Beautiful dentures is one of our specialties…we do not make chicklets nor bulky horse teeth…but we sure fix a lot of them!
Give Lori a call at 502-228-4585 and schedule your complimentary consult and I will see what I can do.

Wish I could have seen the future. Today I got extractions and an upper denture put in. The denture is so ugly, wow. I’m gonna remember you and get in there when my insurance will cover another denture, probably next year. Why do these dentist have these beautiful pics in there office and then give you something substandard. My original teeth where large now I have tiny teeth and when I smile half of it is filled with gum, I want big teeth back. Hope to see you next year, keep them smiling!!

Dear Pam,
I am sorry to hear that this happened to you. Unfortunately many dentists have photos on their website that are not of their own work. Your smile is the window to your soul, and if you don’t love it then you will not be able to be yourself. Maybe it would be best to get a new, beautiful denture now and make small payments? Note that a truly artistic denture costs a little more and insurance will only kick in a small fraction. Living even a year of your life with a smile you hate…is it worth it? What is a year of smiling worth? Just think about it. If you need any help, feel free to contact me anytime!
Keep smiling,
Dr. Chris

Just yesterday I received my dentures and today I feel like i got cheated my mouth look like horse teeth and, I have more gums then teeth. what should I do?

Dear Sylvia,

If you are unhappy then you need to talk to your dentist. This is “your smile” and they need to make sure you are happy. A denture should be made out of wax first and tried in to assure it looks right. You should not have to live with a smile you do not like. Let me know if you get this resolved!

Hi my name is laurie Iam 40 years old and I never thought that I would need dentures at this age. My teeth are bad. I have just finished school. I have been on several interviews. I think it is my appearance. I really need some help on getting my teeth right – could you help.

Absolutely Laurie, I will help you in any way possible. Please feel free to stop by so that I may give you all your options. A smile is very important and will affect your self confidence which is critical for success at your job interviews.
I look forward to helping you!

pls let me know your address..tnx

Our address is:
9527 US HWY 42
Prospect, KY 40059

Have a great day!

Can a person that lives in another state make trips down there to obtain your service? Please email me because I don’t get chance to check the boards often. Thank you

Dear Teresa,

I will email you as well about this response!

Yes, we have people come from all over to see us. I like to get as much information up front so that I can maximize your visits. Our costs are low considering the quality compared to many other states. Traveling here for premium quality care makes both financial and health sense.
I look forward to speaking to you soon.

Keep smiling,
Dr. Chris

is there a dentist in colorado springs colorado that does the
natural looking dentures?

Dear Kathy,
I do not know any dentists personally in Colorado Springs, so I am not able to recommend someone. Sorry.
But, I would suggest you look up a accredited cosmetic dentist through the website. Then, always ask for examples of work they have done. Even consider calling a patient.
I wish you all the best.
Dr. Chris

I was told that the $12,500.00 dental work I had done in 2004 needs to be re-done since the permanent bridge on the upper left was not seated all the way to the gum or the tooth broke. They are now saying that I may need to implants and partial dentures on the back with the dental implants to adhere to and 4-6 crowns in front of my mouth. I am concerned with titanium metal implants and would prefer the ceramic or metal-free zirconium, but with as much as I have already spent and I am 44, I was thinking the only real and safe thing to do is a natural looking upper denture. I am depressed with the whole idea of it, but do not want bulky looking teeth that a denture would produce such as the bridge work I have in the front now, they are simply too large for my mouth and all the same length. I thought that with a LVI dentist, I would get the two teeth beside the two front teeth, slightly shorter to give a more youthful and natural look. Is this possible with dentures?

Dear K,

I am sorry to hear you are having so much trouble with your dentistry. The LVI (Las Vegas Institute) does usually produce quality dentists (although not the philosophy of treatment I prefer).
First I would advise against dentures if at all possible. At times it seems like a good options due to the frustration with teeth, but remember, the sacrifices you make with a denture are huge – such as the loss of taste, etc. May I suggest you seek a second opinion from an accredited AACD cosmetic dentist or two instead?
I would help, if I am near to you. Otherwise send me an email and I will try to recommend a dentist near you.
Keep the faith,
Dr. Chris

Wow all your responses are very encouraging, its nice to see you take time to help and understand how depressing it is of a subject.. I am or was a very handsome man but i cant remember the last time i smiled or was happy with the way my teeth make me look. are the results your office guarantee really true.. i live in seattle WA and like everyone else finances are tight.. its true what you say, my smile would be priceless to me.. if u think it would be worth it, i would make the expensive flight to see you.. i dont want to be depressed anymore, lifes to wonderful..

Im only 36 and still have alot of teeth in my mouth but i still believe its my only option..

Dear Andrew,

I always try to see the positive in life – I find this to be a happier way to live 🙂
I also try not to over promise anything, but I do promise to do my absolute best to exceed all my patients expectations. I take pride in every case.
A smile is priceless…but there are great dentists all over the USA…I would be more than happy to help you, but maybe I could also help you find a good dentist near you!
Getting a good exam from a dentist would also help me get an idea of where you stand…x-rays, photos, etc.
Let me know how I can help.
Dr. Chris

Hi Dr. Chris… You sound just the kind of dentist I have been looking for.. I need some serious help with my teeth.. They have been going down hill really fast after cancer treatment.. and I am now too embarassed to show them to a dentist… It has cost me thousands of $’s to try and keep them pain free and in my head.. I just want them out and have false teeth, that don’t hurt anymore. How do you handle someone who is so gunshy..???

Dear Wendy,
I don’t judge people, ever 🙂
Congratulations on making it through the cancer! That is what really matters. You can live just fine without teeth.
My only goal is to improve your “happiness”, and in your case that may include some nice natural dentures…to be sure I would need to see you.
Call when you are ready and schedule a quick look appointment. I promise you will have a great experience.
Keep smiling,
Dr. Chris

I know it can vary, but could you give a rough estimate of what the cost is to for the dentures? I realize the tooth extractions are seperate, but just an idea of what I am looking at would be helpful (it’s tax time and I want to figure out how to spend all that money- hahaha) More than 1,200 but less that 2,200???
I have had about half my teeth pulled in the last 18 months because they have either had a chunk of tooth break off or they had become so painful I could not take it any longer. Unfortunatly the dental insurance I have (if you want to even call it that) only covers 1,000 a year, so that equals out to be about 1 root canal and 1 crown. So with having half my teeth gone and the other half being removed prior to dentures how does that effect the fit?
Thank you for your time.

Dear Shawna,

You hit the nail on the head! I agree, dental insurance is more of a BENEFIT, not insurance. Insurance is something you buy for a catastrophe (medical expenses in the 10s and 100s thousands, house burned down, etc.). REAL insurance covers the ACTUAL expense of the catastrophe. Dental insurance limits itself to usually 1-1.5k per year, and even at that they only pay a percentage of a procedure, not all of it. So, I strongly feel people are better off putting some money away into an account that earns interest and call that your own dental emergency plan, then join a top quality practice that helps you reduce the amount of dentistry you need, not just fill holes and pull teeth. HEAL your mouth.
Sorry, I digress. To answer your questions, the cost of a good denture varies widely. You can call the office to get an exact cost, but if you want something that looks beautiful and fits as good as it can, then you are looking at a cost over 2.2k.

Keep Smiling,
Dr. Chris

All of my teeth have been extracted. I have been wearing upper/lower for approximately 3 months. I hate them, because they look and feel like false teeth. I have trouble eating (lost weight because I can’t eat the way I use to), I talk funny and I have sunken jaws. Please tell me you have a location in Chicago. I need to gain that confidence back. I use to be a social butterfly, but now I am afraid to laugh, eat and talk because it feels like these dentures are going to fall out, I NEED YOUR HELP!!!!!

Dear Yvette,

I don’t have an office in Chicago (yet), but there are good dentists that can help you there. You are going through a tough transition right now…Once your mouth has healed you can look at implants to help stabilize or even replace the denture with teeth!
You are right, loosing your teeth takes many joys out of life. Our goal as cosmetic dentists is to help you regain the confidence you lost. And we love doing that.
Go to and look for an accredited cosmetic dentist in your area. They not only have the training to help you but also they enthusiasm needed.
If you need more help, contact me anytime!
Most Sincerely,
Dr. Chris

Dr. Chris
I have been in the process of getting an upper denture for the past two years as money has allowed and trying to maximize insurance. My rear teeth have been removed and two “copings” installed, in the front I will have two “anchors” installed.When it is all said and done I will have over $4K in the upper denture. The actual denture is going to cost about $1400 can I expect a good quality denture for that price?

I trust my dentist, but recently a coworker got dentures and they look horrible, he talks funny and people make fun of him behind his back. My teeth have hindered me most of my life, just when I think it will be fixed I start hearing of denture horror stories.

Shoud I share my concerns with my dentist? I dont want to offend him, but now I worry about what kind of results I will get.

Thanks for your time,

Dear Dan,
It looks like you are on your way to a good restoration!
These dentures will be “your” dentures. You should be involved with every aspect of the design! I would strongly recommend you talk to your dentist and mention your concerns.
Every denture is first made out of wax. For my patients I choose high quality denture teeth. (such as this company and design:

Once you have picked the color yourself, make sure your dentist picks the right size for your face. Ask them to make the teeth look nice but natural. Then the dentist will make the entire denture out of wax. At this point you need to TRY IT IN for esthetics!!! This is pretty much exactly the way the denture will look when finished, except right now it is made out of wax and the teeth can be MOVED around until it looks good! Spend a lot of time making sure you like it in this phase. Ask the dentist to make them longer, shorter, straighter, etc. right now while it is super easy. Once the denture is sent for “processing” it is solid and permanent!
So, get involved! Make sure you like what you see. Make certain you get a full wax try-in!!!

All the best,
Dr. Chris

Is there a similar dentist in Asheville, North Carolina ?

Dear Jackie,

I love Asheville! What a beautiful place to live…I will be there next week, speaking to a group of dentists about Componeers (cosmetic dentistry). I do not personally know any dentists in Asheville, sorry. To increase your chances of finding a good dentist, go to and select the “find a dentist” feature. Accredicted cosmetic dentists through this organization are all top of the line 🙂

Keep smiling,

Dr. Chris

My dentist represented me with my dentures in a wax model. I choose the whitest bleach colour but at the age of 52 yrs old, i feel they are too white. He is now changing to the 2rd whitest, but i’m still concerned that they are still too white. My only option is to go for the lightest shade in different materials which is a shade of yellow. I currently have dentures in the 2rd shade of yellow. I dont want a yellow shade, but the 2rd white might look too flake. Help.

There are literally dozens of colors! What really matters is the quality of the teeth and the arrangement. The size has to be right for your face, the arrangement “natural”, not perfect. Making a good looking denture is an art.
So, I would suggest you pick a color that matches the white of your eyes.
Pick a tooth shape that matches your face.
Have the denture made in WAX and TRY IT IN your mouth to see exactly what it would look like. Have the dentist change anything and everything at this stage!!!
There are many different types of denture teeth. Make sure you get “premium” teeth, as in Phonares from Vivadent or something similar.

Be picky! This is YOUR smile.

I wish you all the best.
Keep smiling,
Dr. Chris

I live in Canada..I have an upper partial with a full hard plastic liner,,
I can’t wear it as it makes me gag to the point of panic attack when i can;t get it out fast enough, I have tried on and off for over a year and can’t even make it to a minute with it in..I was not aware of sof flexable liners. Which do you use..And with the silver metal hooks, do you use white “plastic” ones? Can a denture be made that does not include the back tooth or two to avoid the gagging reflex? Can the plastic liner be thinned..? When I tried on the wax model it felt good, but when made to the plastic it was oh so different,,so much more in my mouth…I have since had 3 more extractions, can teeth be added on,,and one or 2 subtracted from the back? I am afraid that if it must include all my teeth i will not be able to tolerate it…I am not a candidate for implants either, as they told me my sinus is right there and not enough bone.
Thank you.

Dear Susan,

Lots of good questions! You are experiencing what many people do, and there are options for you. I would start with trying to “thin” your current appliance.
You can usually add teeth to partials without any problems, as long as there are teeth available to hold the partial in.
We can use metal or white clasps.
You can make a smaller partial if you can’t tolerate a larger one.
Implants can go into many places in the mouth, not only the sinus area. You may want to look into placing implants in the premolar area to support a partial or fixed appliance in the future.

The key is, a great dentist should have all these options for you! I would suggest you consult with a few dentists in your area until you find someone who is willing to answer all these questions as well 🙂

Keep Smiling,

Dr. Chris

Hi, I am 22 years old. I have the biggest axienty about going to the dentist, and because of that, i do not really go – hints why i have horrible teeth. they told me I have to get a few pulled, and then i can get a partial plate on top and bottom, but with the cost of that, and what insurance cost, it would be cheaper to get them all pulled out, and get a set of dentures….why are people so anti dentures for younger people? like i hate not being able to smile, i want to show off my teeth, but i dont have presentable teeth, and if i got dentures, they would be presentable, but all i am worried about really, is the size and stuff of the teeth, i dont want to get all my teeth cut out, and then be walking around with teeth that look like chiclets – horse teeth – big teeth, but then again i dont want them to be to small…

Hello Chris,

Sorry to hear you have these issues at 22…
Teeth are not only good for esthetics but they are critical for function. Meaning, if you have them all pulled out then you will never be able to chew the same again. Also, teeth stimulate jaw bone and keep the bone from resorbing. So, if you don’t have teeth the bone resorbes and that results in significant problems down the line…
First and foremost you need to look at why your teeth are decaying, regardless of if you see a dentist or not. There are millions of people who never see a dentist that have zero dental problems, and it all comes down to diet and proper care. If someone wants to save their teeth they need to avoid all soda! Soda is the teeths kryptonite. Then you also need to look at other acidic products such as sport drinks, etc. Anyhow, there are lots of blog posts on this on this site.
To finish your answer, we can make dentures look nice, but to be able to use them without them sliding around in your mouth you need dental implants.
You can’t forget that without teeth you do not have nearly the strength and ability to chew or taste. It is really only the last resort.

Dr. Chris

I am so upset right now. I just got upper dentures today. (about 6 hours ago) They are big and look like cheap plastic and they are cockeyed. Right side hangs down lower than left. Now I have a huge over bite, molars don’t touch and they are thick. My dentist took impressions 1 1/2 weeks ago. He originally told me I’d be wearing a temp for about 6 weeks, then today he said these are it! I am having some crowns done next week, for a total bill I’ve paid him $10,000.00. At this very minute..I want all my money back and a new dentist.

Dear Laura,

If your dentist is not willing to work with you and there are obvious issues, I would suggest you get a second opinion and then speak to your dentist again. It is critical that this is done correctly…I am very sorry to hear about these type of problems…

Keep Smiling,

Dr. Chris

Well Im at the I wanna just die stage!!! So Im 42 had my upper teeth taken out in 04 had a great upper denture that suddenly was burned up in a fire. I have recently gotten the bottom teeth taken out and have been going over 2 months for dentures, went in today and they looked HORRIBLE!! I was a VERY on the go people person, who has now turned into a MISERABLE person that does not even wanna get outta bed each day or deal with any people!! I had such perfect teeth, then all at once I had tons of issues resulting in getting them pulled. Could you please email me and maybe give me an idea of what would be best for me… thanks

Dear Cheryl,

Don’t worry, dentures can be beautiful! Read this article I wrote not too long ago:

Then, call someone like myself to give you back the smile you deserve!

Keep Smiling,

Dr. Chris

I have had radiation for a brain tumor that destroyed my teeth.I am on SSI and have no way of paying for dentures.Please tell where I can go to get some dentures or can you all do that for me?

Dear Shannon,

I am sorry to hear about your hardships…
Often the dental schools are able to help you, and we have two of them here in Kentucky!
Also, beginning next year we are launching our smile makeover contest again! The exact rules have not yet been established – it will be a little bit different than last time, but someone will receive a complete smile over at least once a year. Stay tuned for this event.
I hope the dental school is able to help you sooner than that.

Keep smiling,

Dr. Chris

Dear Dr. Chris,

Running across your website is truly inspirational! It is a relief to know that I am not not the only one going through the oral health misery I am experiencing. While I would never wish anything bad on anyone, I am so thankful to have found a physician who cares so much about his patients. I too am a healthcare provider, finishing up my doctorate this year. I have had terrible oral health for as long as I can remember. I have had procedure after procedure, always needing more work. My mouth has hit a low point, and I now find it difficult to smile at my patients. I know I am partially responsible for my condition, but at 24 years old I know there must be a cost-effective, aesthetically pleasing solution. I am from Southern Illinois, and would very much enjoy a consultation with you in the future. I feel that traveling a short distance is just fine for quality care.

Dear Josh,

Congratulations on your career and thank you for your comment! At 24 ALL doors are open for you. You have a long and bright future ahead of you 🙂 Fixing your smile should be more than possible – the first step is to find a good dentist. If you come down this way I would be more than honored to help you 🙂

Keep smiling,
Dr. Chris

I am in the process of getting a new top denture. I was so excited thinking I was going to finally get a denture that would fit my face. I explained to my dentist I want larger, natural looking teeth. I asked if I could see a a book or chart of the type of teeth I could select..he did not have one…I went for my first fit..they were the wrong color, too small and basically looked the same as the old ones. I just went again today…they were whiter, and the front teeth were not centered…and still too small. What can I do about this situation? I have one more payment of $700 left…a total of $2800. Is this my only option? Does my dentist and the lab have choices in the size of the teeth? Can I special order natural looking teeth at this point? I am so upset….. Please help…thank you.

Dear Wendy,

Sorry to hear about your story…it is an all too common one. To give you a quick answer, yes, you can order much better teeth. There are literally hundreds of different teeth your dentist can order, but selecting the size and shape is an art! You should never settle until you like the way the front teeth look. First, the dentist needs to always deliver the denture and teeth in WAX so that he/she can adjust the position of the teeth in your mouth adding character and making sure you APPROVE the shape before they go to finish.
Do not settle.
Your last payment is due when you have the final denture in your mouth that you “approved”, not any sooner.
Here is just one example of a decent tooth type:

There are many more, even porcelain teeth!
Hope this helps.
Keep smiling,
Dr. Chris

Hello i am past the wax fitting and after several visits and not liking the way the teeth looked, my dentist kept saying “they look great! I still didnt like them and my mother paid up front and i just received my denture and hate it. Bite is not right and they look terrible. What can i do? Can i get refund? Please help.

Dear Christine,

Making a good looking denture is very difficult…that being said, once you have received the final product it is difficult to “get a refund” for the way it looks. The dentist can adjust the bite and make minor changes, but unless it is not “functional” I don’t think legally you can get a refund. Most dentists will work with you for a while trying to give you a good looking denture, but sometimes patients expectations can exceed any dentists ability. I know very little about your case so I cannot judge the quality nor esthetics, but if you don’t like it then you need to talk to you dentist and let him/her know. Ideally you do not move out of the wax phase until you approve the look! That is what I would ask the dentist about – why “finish” the denture when it looked bad in the wax phase?

All the best,

Dr. Chris

have upper dentures only the first ones roof of mouth was see thru thin and had an over bite some months later they broke down the middle second pair looked great but still thin broke again down same crack send to get fixed now roof of mouth is to thick and they stick out was told they would ajust as time went by YOU THINK…. I work around teachers and high school kids all day what to do please help me..

Dear “very upset”,

It sounds like you would be a good candidate for a metal mesh in your denture. I would speak to your dentist and ask that they thin it down again and all a metal mesh. That works well.

Keep smiling,

Dr. Chris

Dear Doctor,
I am only 33yrs old and about to get dentures. I have a genetic disease that has had horrible affects on my teeth and I am ready to get rid of what’s left (just the front top/bottom) I am terrified with all the horror stories I keep hearing about. I live in the Rochester NY area and I am in desperate need of advice on where to go. . I’ve heard about these quick in & out dentists that send you home w/horrible looking and functioning dentures, and I fear I will end up looking worse than I already do. PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!!
Nervous & Scared

Dear Beth,

When you get the process started let the dentist know you want to be part of the design. Ask them to show you the wax-trying with all teeth on the dentures and do not let the dentist send the try-in back to be processed until you accept the esthetics. This is completely under your control at that point!

Keep smiling,

Dr. Chris

Hi Dr. Chris: In about two weeks, I am going to have the remainder of my upper teeth extracted…My union is going to pay for everthing, immediate uppers, etc… their dentures are absolutely can always tell when a co worker is wearing union dentures. they look like little boxes, they are all the same shape.. natural teeth are not all the same shape and size.. since I don’t have the money to pay for the extractions, I am going to allow union dentists to pull my teeth, and yes place immediate dentures in.. however, once I am healed, I am going to pay for my own dentures.. I am also getting two implants to support lower denture.. union pays for up to two dentures.. can you tell me how much or approximately how much will a full set of your dentures will cost. I live in NYC, but I would willing to travel any where in the US to have realistic dentures..

Dear Lisa,

You have a great plan! Use your benefits and then find a great dentist to make you some natural looking teeth. I would wait until your tissue has completely healed (maybe like 6 months) before getting this started.
Dentist range in price and you can begin with goggle searches 🙂 I am not familiar with too many denture experts as I am mostly a cosmetic and family dentist. I can tell you that good dentures (top and bottom) will usually cost around 2500 for each arch or more, but they really are worth it.

I hope you are doing well and wish you a beautiful smile in the near future!


Dr. Chris

PS: Check out the podcast at

After having my daughter, (which was almost 20 yrs ago) I went from having beautiful teeth to teeth that are awful. I have had quite a few pulled and I have 2 root canals that have failed and are abscessed, I have one crown that didn’t have a root canal and it is now abscessed. I have large mercury fillings that are leaking and leaving a horrible taste in my mouth. If I knew then that mercury fillings are toxic I would have never have gotten them. I have a ton of work that needs to be done, tired of the pain and I don’t have the money for the extensive work that needs to be done. I also have osteopeonia and the teeth that have been pulled on the bottom have left me with very little bone in that area. What options would I have? I really don’t want dentures at my age, but I am afraid of what it would cost for treatment.

Dear Chrissy,

The best option for you would probably be to go to a local dental school and have them work with you – good prices and they tend to do good work…I am sorry to hear about your situation.

Keep smiling,

Dr. Chris

Dear Chrissy. Teeth are important and you only have so many… I would suggest investing into your mouth and most dentists offer payment plans that make it easier for you. Just make sure you find a good quality dentist!
Keep smiling,
Dr Chris

Dr. Chris, I think I am in need of new dentures. I’ve hated these since the day they were put in my mouth. The wax try ons were so big they kept falling when I tried to smile. To me they look like horse teeth. My bottom denture has never started put and it has always been very hard for me to eat. I’ve got a small patch of bone showing on the front bottom gum and it hurts pretty bad. I’m on disability and Medicare doesn’t pay for dentures but somehow I’ll find a way because this is horribly. The dentist that made these got in trouble for having unlicensed technicians working for him. I had them relined about 4 years ago but I’m tired of almost swallowing my bottom denture when I eat and I’m not comfortable taking it out in a restaurant. Do you have any suggestions for me?

Dear Kimberly. You need to find a good dentist who can make you a comfortable, nice looking denture. Most dentists have payment options so you can pick a quality dentist and then pay towards quality work. You have to understand that our current medical system does not allow dentists or doctors for that to get paid enough to cover costs with Medicaid, passport or other “insurances” like that. It is sad. People expect to get help/treatment and count on these government plans to help but in reality all they get is the worst of the worst treatment and it makes everything even worse. That is a lot of worse in a sentence :). So, for quality anything you are on your own and will need to find a way to pay someone to make something is just the way the USA works right now. Us doctors prefer to choose our own charity cases (and we do a lot) rather than work for the government and not be able to make a living….
I hope this helps!
Keep smiling,
Dr. Chris

Reading the other posted comments I feel compelled to comment about my experience. I had a full set of dentures. Most of my life I was lucky and had very pretty teeth, never had braces. straight white teeth. At 50 I needed to have dentures. Full mouth. A loan from my employer allowed me to do so. The teeth never fit me well. they were off kilter, the bite was off. they had to be remade a new set. for ever my right side touched first when biting. and even worse, I lost my lips from the get go. could not even wear lipstick. I have been considered a pretty woman all of my life, athletic and quite youthful. since the day I walked out of the dds with these teeth I have aged 15 years older. people often ask if my 12 and 19 year old children are my grandchildren. It has been said by my son that this embarrasses him when kids say your grandma is here. I have become a social hermit. I Dred when I have to go out in public. my good long term friends tell me that I don’t look like the same woman. I have very high cheek bones to begin with and now with my face caving in I look deformed. it looks as if my nose may reach my chin. the teeth don’t even work they mash food at best. I cant eat in public. I have to tear off pieces of food and put them in my mouth. I haven’t taken a bite of a hamburger in five years. the dds that did this should not have a licenses to practice medicine. I live in hopes that I can win a contest or a dds will do a pro bono fix. one can always dream

I am sorry Karen, this is a sad but common story. Just last month I finished a pro bono case just like yours and many good dentists take on cases like this. I hope you find a dentist with the skills needed to give you back your smile…
Dr Chris

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