EVERYBODY’s a “Cosmetic”,”Natural” and now “GREEN” Dentist

Cosmetic Dentist, Natural Dentist, Holistic Dentist, Comprehensive Dentist… Every wonder why people jump on a bandwagon?  Well, it is all about economics, unless you are one of the originals.  Dentistry is not much different than Beanie Babies, Rubber Bracelets and Crocs.  There are fads that dentists jump on because they are popular.  Unfortunately with a profession such as dentistry you can’t just suddenly become a natural/organic or cosmetic dentist, you have to “be” one from the beginning.  Here are a few examples why you need to be careful:

Everybody is a Cosmetic Dentist

Cosmetic dentistry became popular in the 80’s with the advent of veneers, porcelain and white plastic fillings.  What a great option patients now had.  You could replace your old fillings or get new ones that matched your teeth!  These new materials came with new rules of how to place them.  This resulted in a significant amount of failure of these materials, and still does, as they are very technique sensitive.

Regardless, dentists began calling themselves “Cosmetic Dentists” just because it was popular, yet they had made no changes in their skill set warranting this title.  Today everybody is a cosmetic dentist.  Who wants to got to a “non-cosmetic dentist”?  This of course completely invalidates the description and creates incredible confusion (and lots of bad cosmetic dentistry).  Looking around Louisville I have found everything from “Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry” to “Specializing in Cosmetic Dentistry”.

Well, truth be told, there is no speciality in cosmetic dentistry and advertising such is considered fraud.  “Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry” should only be advertised if you have advanced cosmetic training.  Check the dentists “advanced” training or ask what that means.

So, if you are looking for cosmetic dentistry, be diligent in your research or you will certainly be disappointed with what you get.

Everybody is a Natural Dentist

You knew it was coming!  All the stores are going organic. “Going Green” is one of the biggest trends ever.  So, what are Dentists advertising?

You got it, natural and green dentistry!  Be prepared to see a significant influx of dentists advertising the need to “remove your amalgam fillings now”, even though most still place that type of filling!  Does that make sense?  Here is the common scenario I can already see; “Dr. ____, for the last 15 years you have been plugging amalgam/silver mercury in my and my families mouth. Now I see you advertising that these fillings are bad and you want to remove them?  Why do you still place them then?” 

This will happen all the time.  For the record, the ONLY silver mercury filling I placed after dental school was the one I was required to place to pass my board examination over 12 years ago!  Every since I graduated I have taught my patients the same philosophy behind amalgams.  As a matter of fact, the only silver mercury filling I placed was on my brother and I then, after the boards, removed it and replaced it! 

So when it comes to natural dentistry, once again, check the credentials.  What makes a dentist natural?  How is the dentist living a natural life themselves?  What type of fillings do they have in their mouth?  All critical questions.  Remember, choose someone that “walks the talk”, not just chases the current trend.

 My patients know what I stand for as I probably talk their ear off about it all the time.  The beauty is that I have not been chasing the trends that are emerging, but rather am one of the dentists behind the changes you see in today’s world.

I stand for beautiful cosmetic dentistry performed in a comfortable patient oriented environment and delivered in the most natural and tooth preserving manner possible.  Period.  Cosmetically speaking nobody has more experience or training.  I founded a natural dental products company over 8 years ago to get out the word about my natural approach to dentistry.  Today I am expanding on my natural dental products company and am creating a simple system that will allow you to become cavity free, naturally!

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