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Porcelain veneers are the pinnacle of modern cosmetic dentistry – they can give you the smile you have always dreamt of, but it comes with a catch.

Veneers are not “one size fits all”.  Beautiful, highly functional veneers are the most customizable dental procedure available,  but also the most difficult.  This has led to many incredible smiles, but also many more poor fitting, poor functioning “Chiclets” smiles.  What a disappointment to spend all that time and money trying to get the smile of your dreams only to end up with something sub par?

Let me summarize.  If your child, partner or best friend was in an accident and had a deep laceration across their face that would require many stitches and could possibly result in a permanent life altering scar, who would you seek out to work on that laceration?  I bet you would want a plastic surgeon to perform this procedure, not a general doctor, right?

Veneers are the most difficult procedure in dentistry, so why have a regular dentist “try” to give you the smile of your dreams?

You only have one smile, forever. It represents who you are, how you feel, and how others feel about you.  Why would you want to gamble with all that?

I have guided my career towards becoming the best cosmetic dentist I possibly could from the beginning.  I knew I wanted to be a true cosmetic dentist, becoming one of the youngest, if not the youngest, accredited cosmetic dentists in the entire world.  This has given me the experience over the past 10 plus years to “walk the talk”.

At Ideal Dentistry I don’t just offer lumineers, Da Vinci Veneers, Cerinate Veneers, or any of the other names out there for veneers.  I offer custom veneers designed for you and your smile.  Everybody has a different idea of what a beautiful smile looks like.  I focus on exceeding your expectations by listening to you and sculpting the perfect smile for you, and only you, not a “generic” veneer.  That is the Ideal Dentistry difference.

So, if you are looking for a beautiful smile that perfectly matches your look and personality, then Ideal Dentistry is for you.

A beautiful smile is the window to your soul.  Treasure it as it reflects who you are to everybody you meet, including yourself.

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5 comments on “Louisvilles Porcelain Veneer Expert

I have bad breath. What can be done for this problem?

Dear Mary,
Bad breath is a very common problem with several causes. First the cause needs to be determined, rather than a treatment. Is it coming from the stomach or the mouth?
Once that has been determined, a treatment can be precribed.
Mouthwash, such as listerine, is what I call a mouth deodorant.
I will write a blog entry for you shortly to go through more details. The best way to determine a cure is to have a consultation. I would love to help!

Totally agree with hahndds. First you consult with your dentist and he/she will tell you the exact reason.

I’m interested in whiting my teeth. My concern is how much does it cost?

Dear Pat,

As far as cost goes, whitening is the most affordable means to a brighter smile! The key really is making sure that you get the results that you anticipate. This means making sure your teeth are clean and decay free. Also, what type of stain are you trying to remove? Some stains, such as those from use of antibiotics, are internal and nearly impossible to remove. Lastly, old fillings don’t change in color either.
That being said, professional teeth whitening ranges in cost, but most dentists charge around 199. Zoom laser whitening is a lot more expensive and has some pluses.

I hope this helps.
Keep Smiling,
Dr. Chris

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