Misleading Advertisement Epidemic – Everybody Is The Leading Dentist In Louisville

How is a patient today supposed to find a good dentist in Louisville? Everybody is a cosmetic dentist. Everybody is excellent. Everybody is cutting edge, UNTIL something goes wrong.

I am constantly amazed at how dentists try to undercut each other – “Come see us, we will do it for less!”, yet at the same time advertise that they are “the leading practice…”, “The Best Dentist…”, “Quality comes first…”. You have to be kidding me.

Dentistry is not like a used car lot. You cannot sell the same car for more or less –  Dentistry is an art, a craft, a service, a medical profession! Every procedure is entirely unique. Every veneer, crown, filling, is one of a kind. One size does not fit all.

Quality dentistry requires not only a good dentist but a good technician. Good technicians are expensive. We are talking about body parts here, custom made. You are not buying a new shirt, shoes or other accessory, you are literally fixing or buying new body parts.

So what is the point of this post you ask? Well, there are dentists out there that spend a lot of time and money getting the education needed to deliver premium are. There are dentists out there that work with top lab technicians and oversee every single case. There are dentists out there that really work hard to deliver top quality dentistry and stand behind it 100%. These are not the dentists I am talking about. This post is simply a reminder to patients to do their research.

Pick the best dentist you can find. Do not go by “The Top Dentists in the USA” plaque, it is something ALL dentists can buy. Do not go by the “on of The Best Dentists…” publication or plaque, it also is simply something dentists can buy.

Here are some of the local advertisements I picked up through goggle today:

Family Dental —————–  is the leading dental practice in the Louisville metro area

Dr. ——– is listed in a Guide to Americas Top Dentists

Dr. —— selected as on of The Best Dentists in America

Let’s be real and focus on delivering the best dental care we possibly can.

Smile, It’s Natural,

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2 comments on “Misleading Advertisement Epidemic – Everybody Is The Leading Dentist In Louisville

Solid post, Dr. Hahn. We see this useless, flowery jargon being used all over the internet, whether on dental, chiropractic, plastic surgery or shoe websites – you name it, it’s there.

It’s most likely a result of businesses just saying what they think their visitors want to read/hear. Patients might have fallen for these claims (that are nearly impossible to validate) in the past, but I think fewer are today (at least I hope so).

Businesses and/or professionals needs to focus on differentiating themselves and focusing on the specific end-results they have successfully delivered to patients and the pains they can help relieve for their prospective patients.

There are few things more powerful than before and after photos, educational achievements and patient testimonials/reviews. This info always impresses upon a visitor a practice that is transparent, honest and patient-centric (as opposed to profit-centric). If you take care of the patient, profits will follow.

Thanks Matt, I am glad you agree!

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