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A Wolf In Sheeps Clothing – Flavored Acidic Water Drinks

Looks Healthy, Right?This Morning one of my staff members brought in a bottle of “Blueberry Tangerine Spring Water” from Archer Farms. She said she was trying to grab something healthier than soda!  Well, I read the ingredients and tested the pH with my trusty pH meter. This is what I found:

  • Loaded with Preservatives
  • Loaded with Citric Acid
  • 5 mg of Salt
  • Artificial Sweetener E955, or as you know it as, Sucralose
  • a pH of 3.2!

The facts above are scary.  It looks just like water, has the words “Spring Water” on the bottle, but is just as bad as a soda!  How deceiving. 

It is very sad to see this as consumers are struggling to eat and drink healthier, but unless you know the facts it is easy to fall into visual trap.  Reading the label quickly you may even think that Vitamins are in the bottle!  You have to look closer and see that the sentence starts with “Not”.  Very tricky.

This “Blueberry Tangerine Spring Water Beverage” is just as good at dissolving your teeth as soda. 

Organic Dentistry (my definition):  Dental Products, Procedures, and Philosophies that focus specifically on re-establishing and maintaining the most natural environment in the mouth.  

Here is a broader description of what that means:  Organic Dentistry tries to rebuild your mouth so that it functions the way nature intended it to. Organic Dentistry uses products that rebuild the natural oral flora.  Organic Dentistry is minimally invasive and proactive when it comes to decay.  Organic Dentistry focuses on teaching nutrition and decay prevention to patients.