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Suger is Destroying the World…

Dentistry goes beyond cleaning and filling teeth in this century. Dentist have the unique ability to help patients understand how sugar and acid is slowly killing all of us. Yes, it is that bad.

Sure, Cosmetic Dentists love to fix your smile and make you look great, but we have an opportunity to not only save your smile…but your health.

More and more studies from reputable sources (Mayo Clinic, etc.) are confirming the facts that acid (diet) and sugar (diet) are the root of almost all health evil.

The good news is that dentists on the cutting edge, such as Ideal Dentistry, help you not only fix broken teeth but become a healthier, happier human being. We do not use amalgam (silver mercury that is banned in many countries) or other products that do more harm than good. We put you first and tell it as it is, like it or not 🙂

So if you have a dentist that still insists that silver fillings are fine and you should rinse daily with Listerine and brush with Colgate Total, run, fast. Want to know why? Come visit us and learn about your health, preservatives, acids, toxins, and why quality care means more than just nice looking teeth.

Keep smiling.

Dr. Oz Discusses Mercury Fillings In Teeth – The Danger And His Recommendations

Silver Mercury Fillings, or Amalgams, have been around since the beginning of dentistry. Back in those days it seemed like a good idea to mix mercury with silver and place it into teeth. The dangers of mercury were not yet known…

Silver Mercury Fillings were invented in 1819 (the first amalgam filling was placed in 1830 in the USA).  The car was not invented until 1885!

Many things have changed since the wild west days, but mercury fillings are still placed in the United States.

Mercury fillings have been banned in Europe and Canada for their obvious release of Mercury and consequent toxicity. Nobody is denying this anymore, not even the FDA.

At Ideal Dentistry we put your health first. We have been mercury free and are a certified mercury free dental practice.

If you have mercury fillings that you are concerned about, seek out a dentist that practices what he/she preaches (Do they have mercury in their mouth? Did they just recently stop placing mercury fillings or are they still placing them?).

Read this interview with Dr. Oz and watch the “smoking teeth” video to see the actual mercury vapors released by the silver mercury fillings.


Single Tooth Makeover

What a difference a small white filling can make.

The old filling, an amalgam filling (50% Mercury, 50% silver), was leaking and had recurrent decay under it.

The “white filling” is placed after gently removing the old filling and any associated decay.  Then a complex bonding procedure is followed closely, ensuring a perfect bond and beautiful aesthetics.

All too often old silver mercury fillings like this result in fractured teeth which then require extensive rebuilding, root canal therapy, or even removal of the tooth.  Prevention and early intervention are the only two ways to significantly reduce the risk of this happening.