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Are You Outliving Your Teeth?

How Long Do Teeth Last?

Well, the average wear of teeth is about 0.3mm per year, so just when you are hitting your prime (50s) you have worn through the hard enamel (the strong outside layer of your teeth).

After the strong protective enamel is gone the wear will accelerate by a factor of 7! This means that while it took nearly 40 years for you to wear through the outside layer of the teeth, it will only take a few more to wear out the rest.

This all is of course assuming that you do not grind or clench your teeth, which most of us do.

Teeth are required for many things:

  • Chewing
  • Smiling
  • Speaking
  • Keeping Bone In Your Jaw
  • Opening Jars (just kidding)

Of course having worn out teeth also indirectly affects many more things such as your confidence level, social behavior, career success, nutrition, food enjoyment, sensitivity, etc.

Often worn out teeth are coupled with old failing dentistry that is further degrading your health through tissue inflammation that directly affects how you feel. Who wants to feel their age?

So what can you do about worn out teeth?

Rebuilding a mouth requires a lot of experience and should only be done once. This is not something your insurance will “take care of”. This is something you do for yourself with a dentist who has done this many times over.

Dentists call this a “full mouth reconstruction” as we are rebuilding form and function.

Rebuilding your smile is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Most of the time patients who rebuild their smile get compliments from people asking them if they had a facelift or new haircut – there is just something different about you that they like but can’t put a finger on it.

Here at Ideal Dentistry we do many smile reconstructions (as well as fixing many botched smile reconstructions). During the entire process you are involved which will ensure that the outcome is what you had expected, if not better.

Contact us today to get a complimentary mouth reconstruction consultation.