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NOT so “Cosmetic” Dentistry

What is the difference between a Cosmetic Dentist and an Accredited Cosmetic Dentist?  Well, the difference is in the details.

Understanding facial aesthetics, not just teeth, is critical. The goal with every cosmetic smile makeover is to improve the whole smile, the whole face, the whole person, not just the teeth.

Here are a few cases I found online that are touted as “Smile Makeovers“. You be the judge. Are these smiles complete? What is missing? More after the pictures.

Please remember, these cases are NOT MY DENTISTRY!

Do these cases sound like “Smile Makeovers?”

  1. A smile goes from one corner of the mouth to the other.  Teeth are framed by the lips and need to follow the lip line.  A “black corridor” will result if one side of the smile, or frequently both sides, are neglected.  This dreaded black corridor makes the person look like they have no teeth on that side when they smile, especially in photos!  Who wants that?  How is that “cosmetic/aesthetic?” All these patients above spent a lot of money on their smiles, significantly more than their insurances would ever cover.  Why would you not finish the case and get rid of that black corridor?  Until that is done right, it is not a “smile makeover”, but simply a few veneers on some teeth.
  2. Bulky.  Teeth are not bulky, why are so many veneers bulky?  They shouldn’t be.  It does not look real, and it is not good for the teeth.
  3. Shine through.  Meaning, you can see the prepared tooth shine through the porcelain.  Look at the last before and after.  Can you see the darkness in the middle of the two front teeth? That is of course ignoring the blackness of the back lower teeth and the black corridor on the top side.

Long story short, everyone is a cosmetic dentist, but if you are going to invest in your smile, why not see someone who has the experience to give you a result that really can be called a Smile Makeover?

Most of our Smile Makeovers are Smile Redoes.  Who wants to go through this whole process twice, not to mention pay twice?

That is what being an Accredited Cosmetic Dentist is all about.  Having the experience to do it right the first time!

EVERYBODY seems to be a Cosmetic Dentist…Here is the Scary Truth

You have an accident and get a facial laceration – a big cut across your cheek.  Where do you go to get that fixed?  A General Surgeon?  No, a Plastic Surgeon.

You have a bad case of acne, nothing seems to make it better.  You want the best and right treatment. Where do you go? Your regular MD? No, a Dermatologist.

You have a heart condition that concerns you. You want the best treatment possible. Where do you go? Your regular MD? No, a Cardiologist.

The list goes on and on, and everyone knows the answers, they are common sense. Or are they?  Let’s look at another example:

You have an accident and break off your front teeth.  Or, you just plain want the most beautiful smile possible.  Where do you go?  Your regular Dentist? No, a Cosmetic Dentist.


The same principles apply as with all the other examples.  You want someone that has the expertise, experience, and training to deliver the best possible result.

I still have yet to meet a dentist that is not a self proclaimed cosmetic dentist!

So, what do you do?

So, if you want to have the most beautiful smile possible or just need to repair a cosmetic issue on your teeth, where do you go?  Ideal Dentistry.

You would be surprised how many patients come to me dissatisfied with cosmetic dentistry they just spent a lot of money for.  It is very sad.  Going through all that time and spending all that money to not be completely thrilled with the result.  What a waste.  Now it will cost more time and money to fix.  Plus, the situation is complicated by the fact that someone else has worked on the teeth and tissue, possibly making the situation even more complicated.  It would be so much easier for even an accredited cosmetic dentist to treat the situation first, rather than be the fix-it guy.

Cost is always an issue.  Everybody wants a good deal, including myself.  How much more expensive is it to do it right the first time?  Well, in short, not much at all.  The cost of redoing it or just not being happy with it is much more!  Just like all the examples above, cost should not be the determining factor when deciding such important issues as your smile – the gateway to your soul (shared equally with your eyes!).  The difference in cost is not as much as you might think!

So, the next time you consider cosmetic dentistry, think about the examples above, do your online research and find out for yourself why you would be better off with an accredited cosmetic dentist.  Your smile is too important to be experimented on!