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Fluoride – Is It Bad For Me?

For many decades fluoride has been given credit for the reduction in tooth decay. All this may change.

When I first moved to Louisville I noticed an alarming number of patients with a tooth pattern called “dental fluorosis”.

This epidemic of dental fluorosis here in Louisville pushed me even further towards my belief in natural, organic care.

What is dental fluorosis?

Simply put, the enamel (the strong, outside layer of the tooth) is created with a different crystal, namely fluoride, which can increase the strength of the enamel but also makes it look like it has white spots on it. These white spots eventually can turn into brown spots as the fluoride-enamel fails and then decay gets into the tooth.

Fluoride is found almost everywhere now – from the water supply to toothpaste and mouthwash. Even if it is a good thing, too much of a good thing is not good.

I do believe fluoride has its benefits for certain cases, but I do not believe in constant fluoride exposure.

Many dentists stand behind fluoride 100%, but now even the FDA (as of a few weeks ago) is going to recommend cutting the fluoride levels in drinking water by 50%. For the FDA to admit there is a problem is a big deal, so take their recommendations serious.

My recommendation: Fluoride is under review and should be cut back to a minimum. Topical fluoride (without ingesting) is best for decay prevention. Avoid constant fluoride exposure in toothpaste. Do not take fluoride tablets, and drink as much “clean (fluoride free)” water as you do tap water. Talk to your dentist, and hopefully they are open minded and don’t place silver mercury fillings (the other thing that will soon change in dentistry).