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You Are What You Eat

As cliche as it sounds, you really are what you eat.  Every 7 years your body rebuilds every cell.  What does it use to build this new you?  Whatever you give it!

None of the junk foods pictured above give your body the building blocks required to build a strong foundation.

It is even more sad when you think about what children eat these days.  I bet most kids could name more fast food places than vegetables.  How is a child supposed to grow on a junk food diet?  They don’t know better, but we do.  Let’s make sure our kids are given a healthy start in life.

It is sad and frustrating for a dentist to see patients every day whose health is failing, and all doctors are providing is the next pill.  Too many of them focus on the resulting problem, not the cause.  WHY did this problem arise in the first place?  Why do you have diabetes?  Why are you obese?  Why are you always out of breath?  Why is your heart failing?  Why is your skin breaking out?  Why are you always getting a cold?  Why are you allergic to more things every year?

Let’s get back to the basics and fix the WHY, not the resulting problem.  Your body is an amazing machine.  Our immune system can handle almost anything, warranting that it is given the building blocks needed to sustain it.

A great example that I like to use with my patients:  Let’s say you bought a Ferrari, top of the line, ridiculously expensive but the best.  It drives like a charm.  After 1 year you notice it is a little sluggish, and after 3 years it fails completely.  What happened?  Well, you never changed the oil, rotated the tires, or had any service done.  You just expected it to last forever.  Now imagine you in your prime, somewhere between 16 and 26.  You are invincible.

You don’t get medical or dental check ups, you don’t take care of yourself and eat McDonalds or other fast food frequently.  Organic food?  What is that anyhow?  Suddenly in your 30’s you start to look like a spare tire, you are weak, tired all the time and get sick frequently.  From here it is downhill.  You see a doctor that diagnoses you with some disease such as diabetes.  Gives you a pill to loose weight and tells you to take more vitamins.  Soon it gets worse, and worse and worse.  Eventually one of those diseases will due you in.  This is the typical cycle of the average American.  Does that sound like fun?

Take care of your body and it will take care of you.  Eat the best food, not the cheapest food.  Put yourself first.  I know organic food is a little more expensive, but here is the summary:  Pay now or pay later.