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Smile, It’s Natural!

At Ideal Dentistry our philosophy is simple


What does this mean? Well, simply put, we use the most natural procedures and products available. We have never used mercury in any fillings, and focus on the whole body, not just the teeth.

It is hard to believe that still today in the USA the most common filling placed is a mercury filling!

When you become a member of Ideal Dentistry you will be treated according to our founding principles:

  • The less dentistry we perform the better for the patient
  • Treat the individual, not the tooth
  • Use natural products and procedures whenever possible
  • Help the patient escape the Dental Cycle as soon as possible
  • Deliver comfortable, quality dentistry in a pleasant, earth friendly environment

We want our patients to feel comfortable knowing that we use the most natural products available (some created by Dr. Hahn specifically for our office), which in turn reduces the chemicals you are exposed to on a daily basis. Less is more. Our dental office is designed to be earth friendly conserving our precious resources whenever possible.

Ideal Dentistry is your partner in ideal, natural oral health

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