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How can a Smile save you from Plastic Surgery?

Do You Smile a lot?

Research shows that the average woman smiles 62 times per day and the average man only 8 times per day.

On contrast, babies smile about 200 times per day and children 400 times!

Why does this matter?

Think of it this way. It takes muscles to smile and it takes muscles to frown. WHICH muscle are you exercising? What happens to muscles that you exercise? They get bigger and stronger, of course. So if muscles that smile pull your lips and face up, what to muscles that make you frown do?

So, when you look at a person that smiles a lot more than they frown, they have happy lines! This is critical. We can read a face, subconsciously, almost immediately. Emotions and feelings are transmitted through facial expressions much better than words.

Think of what it takes to make someone express these emotions:

– Happy

– Excited

– Mad

– Sad

How do you know that someone is sad or happy? It is pretty easy – the up or down turning of the smile.

So if you want to prevent those marionette lines at the sides of your smile, SMILE!

Smile more than you frown…in fact, just stop frowning all together! There are many more benefits to smiling, such as the release of endorphins which make you feel better.

At Ideal Dentistry we now offer Botox Cosmetics to help prevent and treat some of the areas on the face that contribute to age lines. Botox has been used for medical purposes for over 50 years now and is a very safe product. Please feel free to contact us anytime with questions.

Keep Smiling.