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Stop The Dental Visits!

Do you have a TIME BOMB in your mouth? Take a look…do you see any black silver mercury fillings? IF you do, then you have a dental time bomb!

Silver Mercury fillings expand and contract 3 times more than your tooth does, which always cracks the tooth…it is just a matter of time! This is great for dentists, bad for you. Those silver mercury fillings start out as a cheap filling and when they crack it turns into a very expensive, often painful experience for the patient. Don’t be that patient!

Dentists do not always like what I have to say…but it is the truth.

Everyday I meet with new patients and teach them this program, and everyday I am surprised that even after seeing dentists for their entire life they have never heard anything that I am talking about! No wonder their mouth is a mess and every single time they see the dentist more things are wrong.

If you are a person that is sick and tired of spending money and time at the dentist without no end in sight, maybe it is time you visit Ideal Dentistry and find out how to stop the madness.

Keep Smiling.