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Velscope – Featured on Dr. Oz Show – Oral Cancer Screening – Louisville Dentist

The Velscope Oral Cancer Screening device is savings!
Ideal Dentistry is proud to be one of the only offices in Louisville that offers this revolutionary, life-saving technology.

If you missed the broadcast you may be able to view the segment on the video page: http://www.doctoroz.com/videos

Early Visualization Of Mucosal Diseases

VELscope® is a revolutionary hand-held device that provides Ideal Dentistry with an easy-to-use adjunctive mucosal examination system for the early detection of abnormal tissue. The patented VELscope technology platform was developed in collaboration with the British Columbia Cancer Agency and MD Anderson Cancer Center, with funding provided in part by the NIH. It is based on the direct visualization of tissue fluorescence and the changes in fluorescence that occur when abnormalities are present.

How the VELscope Works
The VELscope handpiece emits a safe blue light into the oral cavity, which excites the tissue from the surface of the epithelium through to the basement membrane (where premalignant changes typically begin) and into the stroma beneath, causing it to fluoresce. Typically, healthy tissue appears as a bright apple-green glow, while suspicious regions are identified by a loss of fluorescence, which thus appear dark.
The clinician is then able to view the different fluorescence responses to help differentiate between normal and abnormal tissue. In fact, VELscope is the only non-invasive adjunctive device clinically proven to help discover occult oral disease.

Benefits Patients, Clinicians and Practice
When used as an adjunctive aid in combination with traditional oral cancer examination procedures, VELscope facilitates the early discovery and visualization of mucosal abnormalities, including oral cancer. In one or two minutes, with no rinses or stains required, a VELscope system examination helps healthcare professionals assess their patients€™ oral health. Through the CDT code D0431, an increasing number of insurance companies are recognizing VELscope as an adjunctive screening device. VELscope combines minimal per-patient costs with more effective screening.

At Ideal Dentistry we take your health serious!

Every new patient exam includes a complimentary Velscope Oral Cancer exam!

Our unique, natural and less invasive approach to dentistry has led us to become the destination for patients that try to live a more organic, health oriented lifestyle.

Learn more about the Velscope here: HOW A VELSCOPE EXAM COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE

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Dr. Chris

Oral Cancer Screening – How A Velscope Scan Could Save Your Life

Did you know that oral cancer steals the life of one American every hour? We don’t hear much about oral cancer, but 34,000 patients were diagnosed in 2007. Only half of patients diagnosed with oral cancer will survive longer than five years. Because it is often detected in the later stages, oral cancer’s mortality rate is higher than that of cervical cancer, Hodgkin€™s disease, brain, liver, kidney, or ovarian cancer. Treatment for oral cancer often causes disfiguration and lessens the patient€™s quality of life.

Thanks to an amazing new technology, VELscope, dentists and hygienists can quickly and painlessly screen for oral cancer. VELscope is a fluorescence-based identification system that detects tissue abnormalities and is used in combination with traditional visual exams.

All adults should have an annual VELscope exam because a quarter of oral cancer victims are non-smokers, don’t drink, and have no lifestyle factors to heighten their oral cancer risk. Men over 40 and women between the ages of 20 and 40 are the most prone to the disease. Patients with lifestyle risks, including any tobacco use, daily alcohol consumption, viral infections, autoimmune deficiencies like HIV, and diabetes may need more frequent evaluations.

The screening involves use of a special light to illuminate abnormal cells so that they appear distinctly different from the surrounding normal tissue.

While the statistics on oral cancer are discouraging, when the disease is found and treated in the early stages it has an 80 to 90-percent cure rate.

We are now offering VELscope exams to all our patients. Your health is our number one priority!

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