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What is the average lifespan of porcelain veneers?

Below is a GUEST post from a fellow cosmetic dentist. Enjoy!

With proper care, porcelain veneers can last anywhere from 10 to 15 years or

Maintenance of porcelain veneers is similar to care for your normal teeth.
As always, make sure to floss & brush regularly, and see your hygienist 2-3
times per year for a professional cleaning. Although the porcelain itself is
well immune to tooth decay, the portion of the tooth under the veneer is
still susceptible to cavities.  Daily fluoride rinses can protect the
susceptible areas of the tooth-porcelain junction.

Over brushing can have a negative effect on the longevity of your veneers.
Aggressive brushing or using anything harder than a “soft” bristle brush can cause gum recession.  The resulting root exposure doesn’t effect the veneer, but it can ruin the esthetic beauty of the overall case. Furthermore, it is recommended to use a non-whitening & non-abrasive tooth paste.

Be careful what you put between your teeth because whatever might crack a normal tooth could also crack a veneer (porcelain can fracture!). Don€™t bite fingernails, fast food ketchup or hot sauce packets, metal, pens or any
other hard object. It is recommended to use a mouth guard if playing any
high intensity sports. Your dentist should provide you a protective night
guard to wear while sleeping to prevent damage from night time grinding.

The rule of thumb is, you can eat and bite into any and all foods as you would with natural teeth, but always avoid using your veneered teeth as a tool for non-food items!

Apart from proper care, expert installation is very important. Make sure to
choose a cosmetic dentist with many years of experience

If you follow all of the above advice, your veneers should enjoy a healthy