Why Have Your Cosmetic Dentist Do Your Clear Braces?

Clear Braces, or Invisalign, require that the dentist bond small white composites (filling material) to the outside of certain teeth during the time the braces are worn. These composites do get polished off at the completion of the clear braces, but if they are not put on correctly then the Invisalign treatment won’t work as well and the teeth will have rough, staining fillings on them.

Cosmetic dentists have the experience required to place these fillings and polish them correctly!

A true cosmetic dentist can be viewed as the quarterback of the procedure. Meaning, the final outcome of the Invisalign treatment depends on the foresight of the dentist. Any final shaping/polishing or contouring of the teeth upon completion of the treatment is also done by the cosmetic dentist.

When we do a Invisalign case in our offices we make certain the teeth end up in the best and most esthetic position, but we also are able to manage the dental hygiene during the treatment and finalize the case when the braces are removed. One stop shopping!

You won’t need to manage the communicate between your orthodontist and general dentist.

In short, a cosmetic dentist that has lots of experience with clear braces or Invisalign saves you time and ensures that you get the best result possible.

Keep smiling.

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