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Mountain Dew Decay makes 20/20

The Diane Sawyer 20/20 report on Kentucky’s Appalachian Mountain people was interesting and confirmed something I noted years ago – Mountain Dew is the drink of choice, and also a significant part of why there is so much tooth decay in Kentucky. I have been informing my patients of the dangers associated with drinking soda, both regular and diet, and […]

The “COST” of poor/cheap dentistry

Dentistry, just like anything in life, comes in all forms and shapes. It may be easiest to compare dentistry to something we all are familiar with, a roof. So lets look at this roof. There are a few leaks, cracks, and mold is building up inside from the moisture. In short, you know you need a new roof. So, you have […]

Insurance Questions

I will try to answer questions from my patients as they arise.  Today I want to answer one of the most common ones:  Why are you not “in network” with my insurance? The answer goes back several years to the point when I had to make a decision: What type of dentistry did I want to provide to my patients?  […]

Ideal Dentistry New Patient Exam

So you decided that enough is enough. Waiting in the “waiting room” forever, only to be seated and rushed through a procedure you are not even sure you quite understand. Every time you see the hygienist the dentist comes in and finds more work that needs to be done. You are told sensitivity is “normal” and will eventually fade…you get […]

EVERYBODY seems to be a Cosmetic Dentist…Here is the Scary Truth

You have an accident and get a facial laceration – a big cut across your cheek.  Where do you go to get that fixed?  A General Surgeon?  No, a Plastic Surgeon. You have a bad case of acne, nothing seems to make it better.  You want the best and right treatment. Where do you go? Your regular MD? No, a Dermatologist. […]

Cosmetic Dentistry: CASE STUDY – Wearing Out Your Teeth

Last week a new patient came to my office seeking a second opinion on 4 front veneers that were done. Her concern was that they did not match (too white/opaque) and did not look real.   Well, she was right, the veneers did not look real, and they were cemented with opaque white cement, blocking out all light and creating a […]

Single Tooth Makeover

What a difference a small white filling can make. The old filling, an amalgam filling (50% Mercury, 50% silver), was leaking and had recurrent decay under it. The “white filling” is placed after gently removing the old filling and any associated decay.  Then a complex bonding procedure is followed closely, ensuring a perfect bond and beautiful aesthetics. All too often […]

How Do I Pick a Good Dentist?

Louisville has lots of “family dentists“, “cosmetic dentists“, “we cater to cowards dentists” and now even “advanced cosmetic dentists“. Trying to work out who’s right for you is probably pretty confusing, especially when so many dentists are claiming to be experts. Truth be known, “family dentistry” never was and never will be a speciality and, “cosmetic dentistry” is just about […]

A Different Approach – People First

Today I saw a new patient, let’s call him Tom to protect his identity.  Tom has been seeing a dentist routinely for the past several years.  Nobody had pointed out any problems to him.  Tom was getting “regular” cleanings, which his insurance covered.  Now, after a thorough new patient exam, it is very clear that Tom has significant gum disease, […]

Why chose a Cosmetic Dentist with experience?

This patient came to see me after spending a fortune at another office.  He was not happy with the final result. Disclaimer: This is NOT my dentistry The sad part is that yes, the aesthetics are not good, but there are many more problems than just the aesthetics…Now I need to meet with the patient and try to explain all […]

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