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Beautiful Dental Implants in Louisville

Dental Implants – As close to a real tooth as you can get

Is Implant Dentistry for You?

Dental Implants replace missing teeth without the negative side effects of other procedures that could solve the same problem. With implants, your natural teeth are not damaged, and once the implant is finished, you will probably forget you even have it. The success rate is in the 90% range.

Why choose us to have your implant placed?

Ideal Dentistry focuses on providing you with the most comfortable, convenient and successful dental experience possible. You do not need to see multiple dentists or offices to have an implant placed – we do it all. From the day you have your private consultation where we listen to you and answer all your questions, to the day you walk out of the office with your new teeth ready to eat and chew anything, we cater to you and all your needs. Furthermore, Dr. Neal has a reputation for providing excellent comprehensive and esthetic dentistry. Our experience in managing complex cases and consistently obtaining beautiful results ensures that your implant will also be a success.

When we place your implant we have more control over where it is placed and how it is restored. The end result is a more pleasant, convenient, esthetic and longer lasting implant.

Dr. Neal places only premium implants, not the usual “clones” used by many other dentists (such as Implant Direct). Make sure you are getting the AUTHENTIC, brand name implant, not a cheaper clone – ask you dentist to see if BEFORE they place it. Please visit their very informative site for more detailed information:

Please feel free to call our office anytime with questions or comments. There is so much information available regarding implants that it can get confusing. We would be happy to discuss your unique situation, just call and make an appointment for one of our dentist to take a quick look at your teeth.

Why Teeth Fracture

You are having a great meal at a fancy restaurant, enjoying your salad and then bam, you bite on what feels like a little stone. No big deal, you have done this before, until you take another bite….at which point you feel a sharp pain that seems to go through your entire body!

What just happened?

Well, you fractured a tooth right down the middle. The tooth is separated and the nerve is exposed. This however is unknown to most patients and they continue to move along as normal, chewing on the other side. Often patients will put up with this pain for days until calling their dentist. Food, especially chicken, will eventually get trapped between the fractures, further separating the segments and eventually creating more pain.

The tissue around the tooth is very inflamed and food has packed into the fracture.

What is the treatment for a fracture like this? This tooth had to be extracted and we placed a dental implant. See the x-ray below of a similar case.

 This implant will need to integrate with the bone for 3-4 months, at which point we can put a new tooth on top of it. Here is an x-ray of what a few restored implants look like.

Now to the important part – how do we prevent these fractures?

Fractures happen for many reasons, most frequently a tooth has an old Silver Mercury filling, aka Amalgam, that has expanded and contracted for many years while the tooth, being mostly a crystal, has not. This expansion has resulted in many fractures in the tooth and then one single bite on something on the right part of the tooth will fracture that part off.

I have not placed an Amalgam for over 20 years for this and many other reasons! There just are better and healthier options out there.

Prevention of fractures – To prevent fractures, don’t place fillings that tend to fracture teeth. Second, adjust the bite so that the teeth are coming together correctly! If one tooth is taking the brunt of the force then that tooth will also fail first. Third, I am a huge believer in wearing a properly adjusted nightguard/bruxism appliance. Note the emphasis on properly adjusted. All too often do new patients bring in their nightguards from other dentists and they are doing more harm then good. Really frustrating! It is not just an expensive piece of plastic, it is a therapeutic appliance!

Prevention is the key in dentistry. If we wait until the fracture happens then the outcome will certainly be less ideal. For this reason I urge people to seek out preventative and protective options now rather than wait for the catastrophe to happen.

Give us a call if you would like us to check to see how your teeth are doing and prevent future issues. We are here to serve.


Keep smiling.

No More Messy Dental Impressions

Ideal Dentistry is proud to announce that we have added DIGITAL LASER IMPRESSIONS to our already state of the art facility.

Digital laser impressions eliminate the need for messy, goopy dental molds that none of us like. Our system, the 3Shape TRIOS3, is the premier Digital Impression System on the market and will allow us to not only make most of our procedures more comfortable but also quicker and more accurate.

Here is a list of some of the procedures we will use this new technology for:

  • Impressions for crowns
  • Impressions for inlays
  • Impressions for onlays
  • Impressions for Invisalign and Clearcorrect Invisible braces
  • Impressions for smile designs
  • Impressions for nightguards
  • Impressions for bleaching trays
  • and many more

Dr. Neal invests into new technology only when it is able to match or improve the current high level of care we stand for at Ideal Dentistry. This new digital impression system also allows us to speed up procedures – instead of waiting 3-4 weeks for a crown we can have many of them back within 3-5 days.

If you have been putting off dental treatment… fear no more. All treatment plans are now eligible for scans.

If you would like to see for yourself what a difference digital impressions can make, call our office today and schedule your appointment 502-228-4585

Keep Smiling.

Get to know your Dentist

Who is your Dentist? What are his or her philosophies? Do they have a passion for what they do?

Medicine, including Dentistry, goes beyond the scientific aspect of care – it is about people. Too often we get treated like a number, a problem, or a project, while in reality we are all human beings simply looking for help.

At Ideal Dentistry I focus on the person, not must the problem. I spend the time listening to you and making sure I am able to help. Getting to know who will be guiding you along your journey towards better oral health is now more important than ever! Poor quality dentistry has flooded the market and created more harm than good – many patients are treated different based on their insurance benefits and dentistry to many doctors has become a business, not a career.

I promise all my patients I only look out for their personal well being without being influenced by insurance or drug companies. This of course does not make me a favorite with insurance companies, dentists or drug companies, but that is ok! I am here to help and be your friend in the dental industry.

Who Is The Boss?

Patients email me weekly with questions like this:

  • I hate my temporary crowns on my front teeth! Will the final ones look the same?
  • I do not like the way my final crown looks – it looks more like a marshmallow than a tooth!
  • I am worried that my veneers will turn out like chicklets, what should I do?

My answer, most of the time, is YOU have complete control over what the final result should look like, YOU are the BOSS!

You, the patient, hired me, the Dentist, to help you. Let’s remember that 🙂 I will do my absolute best to serve you and solve your concerns. That is my job.

So, if your dentist is making you feel like you do not have a choice or have to accept something “ugly”, you certainly do not 🙂

Keep smiling

Not your Mom’s Denture

Do your dentures rock and roll around your mouth making eating and talking almost impossible?

Do you use more adhesive glue to keep your teeth from falling out than a Kindergartener in art class?

Do your dentures “look like dentures“?

Ideal Dentistry was founded by me to help people like you. I have always believed that everybody deserves a smile they are proud of, and that includes those who wear dentures!

Loose dentures that look like fake teeth are not your destiny! There are options for you, good options.

I have worked for years developing a keen eye for esthetics that allows Ideal Dentistry to provide natural looking, beautiful dentures that match your face and character. Every single denture I make is a unique, hand made work of art. To top it off we can add implants to stabilize the denture and if you like, permanently attach the teeth to your jaw!

How awesome would it be if we could cut out the big piece of plastic in the middle of your pallet? Well, that too is entirely possible with implants! Taste your food again!

Ideal Dentistry offers the cutting edge in beautiful cosmetic dentures including the all on 4 procedure that often allows my patients to immediately walk out of the office with permanent teeth!

Why would you suffer with loose dentures that hold you back from enjoying the simple pleasures of life? Contact Ideal Dentistry today and see how your dentures can become an asset, not a liability!

Keep smiling.

Stop The Dental Visits!

Do you have a TIME BOMB in your mouth? Take a look…do you see any black silver mercury fillings? IF you do, then you have a dental time bomb!

Silver Mercury fillings expand and contract 3 times more than your tooth does, which always cracks the tooth…it is just a matter of time! This is great for dentists, bad for you. Those silver mercury fillings start out as a cheap filling and when they crack it turns into a very expensive, often painful experience for the patient. Don’t be that patient!

Dentists do not always like what I have to say…but it is the truth.

Everyday I meet with new patients and teach them this program, and everyday I am surprised that even after seeing dentists for their entire life they have never heard anything that I am talking about! No wonder their mouth is a mess and every single time they see the dentist more things are wrong.

If you are a person that is sick and tired of spending money and time at the dentist without no end in sight, maybe it is time you visit Ideal Dentistry and find out how to stop the madness.

Keep Smiling.

How are White Fillings Placed?

Everybody likes beautiful white teeth.

Did you ever wonder how a white composite filling is placed?

What is involved in replacing a silver mercury/amalgam filling?

Well, here is a quick step by step outline demonstrating the placement of a white filling.


We need to isolate the tooth with or without a rubber shield. Below you can see how some of the fillings are isolated. In some of the teeth the silver mercury or decay has already been removed. We use a clamp to separate the teeth so a tight contact can be achieved in the final restoration.

We then use high powered magnification and strong lights to look for fractures in the tooth. More often than not a silver mercury filling/amalgam results in the tooth being fractured. If fractures are present, as seen above, then a white filling cannot be placed, but rather a full cuspal coverage restoration such as a crown is needed.


Proper filling of the cavity is key to avoid post-operative sensitivity. The white filling material has to be placed in a dry, clean environment and layered in no more than 2mm increments. This is where most errors take place! Meticulous handling of the materials is essential.


Once the restoration has been placed and hardened with a strong LED like light it needs to be polished and adjusted. If the filling hits the opposing tooth even a little bit too much then it can kill the tooth! So, proper adjustment is critical. Once the filling has been adjusted correctly it needs to be polished to a high gloss.

I hope this helps everyone understand the basic principles of a white filling. Of course there are many more details and variables, but that is for the dentist to understand 🙂

Keep smiling.

So You Want Hassle Free Teeth…

Cosmetic Dentistry is all the buzz! Here in Louisville, KY everybody is a Cosmetic Dentist, which is fine, but how about those patients (like myself) that really only want teeth that last, don’t break, don’t hurt, and allow me to enjoy the foods I like till the last bite!

Gold is the most amazing material to use for rebuilding a mouth! I can attest to the fact that gold is superior to any other material in the mouth, period.

That being said, more and more patients will choose porcelain regardless of fit or longevity…I would like to bring the fact to light that gold is the only restoration that I would truly consider a “last time” restoration. Gold really can last forever, nothing else will.

Here are some points to consider about gold, directly from the R.V. Tucker Gold Study Club:

1. Gold will not oxidize and discolor the teeth.
2. Fragile areas of tooth structure remaining can be protected by covering them with a thin layer of gold. Gold will not fracture even when it is thin.
3. The cast gold restoration will not fracture in the isthmus or other areas.
4. The margins at the junction of the tooth and gold are nearly imperceptible if handled properly, and will not be so likely to harbor plaque, and consistently should contribute to better tissue health.
5. Contact areas can be placed and polished for ease in the use of dental floss, thus promoting better tissue health.
6. Gold can be polished and finished to a higher degree than other materials.
7. Gold castings such as 7/8 modified full crowns or conventional full crowns can be used to “bind the tooth together” and prevent tooth fracture, or relieve sensitivity from incipient tooth fractures.
8. The normal tooth anatomy can be more nearly reproduced with a casting.
9. Cast gold wears more nearly the same as tooth structure and does not produce sub-marginal surface. Precise fitting castings will support the marginal enamel rods which prevents chipping and fracturing at the cavo-surface margins and minimizes the possibility of marginal leakage and bacterial invasion.
10. Gold castings have a favorable coefficient of expansion with tooth structure.
11. Well placed gold casting will last much longer than other filling materials used today.
12. The sensory acceptance of gold by the tongue and the feel during mastication is enhanced by the smoothness and anatomical replication of the missing tooth structure.

So, if you are like most “dentists”, you will look past the “color” of the restoration and restore your mouth with a dentist that has the experience to deliver beautiful, long lasting gold restorations, and you will thank them 30 years later!

Keep smiling.

Emergency Dental Care

Dental pain is unbearable – when you need an emergency dentist, you need them now!

Ideal Dentistry is hear to serve Louisville and Prospect, around the clock! Any dental Emergency can be handled with fast, comfortable and quality service. If you need a root canal, tooth extraction, pain management, you will be happy to know that we have decades of experience managing dental problems of all kinds. You will not be treated by a “new” dental graduate, but rather by one of the top dentists in the nation.

We realize you want to be comfortable now, and that is our priority, but you also want the treatment to be done right the first time!

Get out of pain now, call the dental experts

Ideal Dentistry at 502-228-4585 in Prospect.

We will make sure you are taken care of immediately!

Keep Smiling.