Componeer Composite Veneer System Launched In USA

So you want a beautiful smile but porcelain veneers are not quite in the budget. Direct composite veneers, previously the only other option, require a master cosmetic dentist and a significant amount of time – this has kept most dentist from offering this service.


The benefits of Componeers:

  • Less than half as expensive as porcelain veneers
  • requires only 1 visit to complete
  • Very minimal or no tooth reduction
  • repairable with the exact material that the veneers are made out of
  • Polish to an incredible luster
  • Very stain resistant

If you are looking for a beautiful smile that is affordable, contact Ideal Dentistry and get a FREE CONSULTATION for your Componeer smile.

To find out more about Componeers, contact our office at 502-228-4585 and visit the Componeer website here.

Watch a short video on the Componeer System here.

Smile, It’s Natural.

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16 comments on “Componeer Composite Veneer System Launched In USA

I am interested in this, what does the cost normally range and how much is the additional discount for being a subject for a lecture?

Hello Kim,

The Componeer system is so new we are still working on even those details, but it will range somewhere between the cost of a porcelain veneer and a direct composite veneer.
If you are a candidate for a lecture case then I can offer you a deal you do not want to turn down 🙂
The cost of these Componeers will probably range around 500-650 dollars per unit. With all the benefits this system offers even over porcelain I feel it is a great deal!
Contact my office is you are interested in seeing if you qualify for a lecture case, we would discount those prices around 25%.

Smile, It’s Natural!
Dr. Chris

Hi , i’m interested for the componeer laminates… i’m in Egypt and would like to know which extreme make over facility
can you advise

Dear Dr. Hassab,

The Componeer system is really quite amazing – but I am not sure where it is available near you. Since I am a speaker for the product I will forward your information to Coltene and maybe they have a facility near you. I do know the product is now available in Europe…a bit closer. Dr. Besek in Switzerland is the inventor!
If I can be of any more assistance, let me know.
Keep smiling,
Dr. Chris

I hope this email finds you well. I am Akhlas Elmabrouk, a post graduate student at Biomaterial’s department at NYU . I would like to use this material COMPONEER for my thesis research. unfortunately, I have not found any literature about this topic. I am asking about your help. If their is any other name for this product. I now it is composite veneer but I have not found any new topic about it. Could you provide me by some titles of literature that you may know.
Have a great day
Thank you

I certainly can help you.
The Componeer System is made by Coltene. Here is the website:

If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know.

Keep Smiling,
Dr. Chris

I want componeers but have 1 crown. Can a componeer go over a crown? I was told yes by a prior dentist that does componeer work but am worried this is not correct. Can you help??

Dear Monica,

Yes, a Componeer can be bonded over a porcelain crown, but it does require a few extra steps and a dentist that knows how to work with porcelain.

Keep smiling,

Dr. Chris

I was told by my dentist that componeers can not be put over crowns. Is this right?

Dear Barbara,

While it is possible to put Componeers over crowns it is a bit more involved. Things to consider are the bulk of the existing crowns and where they are in relation to your lips. If you have lots of room to add 0.3mm of material, the thickness of a Componeer, then you can etch the porcelain crown with sulfuric acid, then add a layer of silane, then adhesive and then the luting composite for the Componeer. The concern is that they will look too bulky if you don’t remove some of the underlying crown. This is an esthetic issue your dentist needs to then talk to you about, but bonding Componeers to porcelain is possible 🙂

Keep smiling,

Dr. Chris

I have composite veneers on nhs thinking of having componeers in uk are they any better than what I have ? Do they stain? Do they break easily? Thanks

Dear Lorraine,

Componeers are better than regular composite veneers for several reasons. First, the Componeer is pre-shrunk and has no voids in it. This leads to a stronger restoration and longer lasting polish. Every composite stains, but Componeers are able to be polished again and again to their original polish.
Just like with any restoration, breakage is a function of designing the restoration correctly and following the function of the mouth. Regular teeth break if placed in the wrong location! So, done correctly, breakage is not a huge issue and should be the same as with regular composite, porcelain or teeth 🙂

I hope this helps!
Keep smiling,
Dr. Chris

I wish there were dentists in or around oakland md that would offer these componeers
All that’s offered is lumineers which not 2 many people can afford. I would like 2 have dr. Hahn to come 2 oakland md & give a seminar on componeer veneers
I would even pay 2 have them put on my teeth as a model for your seminar.
Sheri Davis

Hello Sheri!

That would be a great idea 🙂 I will forward your desire for Componeers in Oakland to Coltene, the maker of Componeers 😉

Keep smiling,

Dr. Chris

Hi! Are the these still being offered in your Louisville office? I hope!

Hello Katie! Yes :). I love using the Componeer system! Call or stop by anytime 🙂

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