Dentures That Look Real – Natural, Beautiful And Comfortable

Natural looking dentures are what everyone with “false teeth” wants. So why is it then that so many, if not most, dentures look and feel terrible?

It is so sad to me that after already having suffered the loss of ones teeth now the new teeth make them look and feel older as well.

Many people have written me and asked me about cosmetic dentures, or natural looking dentures. Do they exist?

The simple answer is yes, of course they do, but not at a “buy one get one pair free” price. Creating beautiful, functional dentures is an art and takes time. The dentist needs to often set the teeth themselves, not just send them to a lab.

Think about it. You suddenly lost all your teeth, your gums, your lip support. The distance from your chin to your nose went from normal to almost touching. Yesterday we looked like a vibrant 45 year old and today you are pushing 70. This is essentially what loosing your teeth does to you. Now you want to replace the missing teeth and missing confidence. You have two choices, go with the almost “one size fits all” dentures which you will only wear if you absolutely have to, or you could go and invest in a beautiful smile, maybe something far superior to what you had in the past. The difference, over the lifespan of the denture (for arguments sake let’s say about 20 years) is less than pennies per day!!!

Most patients are drawn into the “denture specials” and end up sad and disappointed. Then I get comments on this website blog or via email or in my practice asking me what they can do. Well, you can throw out those fake teeth that make you look and feel 30 years older than you are, have an artist make you a beautiful set of natural looking dentures, OR, you could try to live with what you have. There really are few options at this point.

Needless to say, I strongly urge you to invest in yourself, your smile, your confidence. People do not need to know you have false teeth. As a matter of fact, you could have an incredible smile that most people envie. It is up to you.

Smile, It’s Natural!

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77 comments on “Dentures That Look Real – Natural, Beautiful And Comfortable

I would like a price for full set of dentures

Dear June,
I would be more than happy to look at your personal situation and give you a few options. Please feel free to visit my office for a free consult!
Keep smiling,
Dr. Chris

hi doc chris i would love to have a beautiful smile i have never felt worthy of anything i always pride myself on helping others and i need help now and no one can help me i am a single mother of 4 i dont have a lot of money iam on a very tight budget i would love for u to make me beautiful cause i really feel bad about myself

Dear Yolin,

You are not alone in your situation. And even more importantly, you can be helped.
I would suggest you stop by for a free consultation so I can see what we have to work with. This will allow me to give you a more educated answer ๐Ÿ™‚
I hope to see you soon,
Doc Chris

Hi, I’m from Franklinton, La. . I would like to know if you could recommend someone in my area that does what you do? Thanks.

Dear Victoria,

While I am not familiar with someone directly in your area, I suggest you go to and click “find a dentist” on the page. There you can view the accredited cosmetic dentists in their organization. Those dentists in my opinion are the best of the best.
All the best.
Keep smiling,
Dr. Chris

yes i had top dentures put in this past april was a year . and we paid alot for them even with insurance.. however they cracked down the middle after haveing them 10 mos.. and now i dont have dental insurance any more because husband lost his job..and im stuck not knowing what to do.. ๐Ÿ™

Dear Kimberly,
You will need to have your dentist repair the denture. This is not a terribly expensive procedure. Dentures can break if dropped fairly easily…
Have a great day!
Dr. Chris

Dear Dr Hahn, I am 41 years old and i’m afraid I am going to die. My teeth hurt constantly. They are broke off and in such bad shape. I honestly feel like giving up! People stare and make fun of me. I take care of my father so I do not have much money. He had a stroke last year. I do not like to go out any where. I cry all the time. I really need my teeth out. I do not want to die from bad teeth. I pace the floor an can hardly sleep the pain is so bad. I do not want infection from my teeth to go to my heart and kill me.I am so scared!~~Thanks for listening~~Dana

Dear Dana. Sorry to hear about the challenges you currently face. I really hope you are able to find the strength to get through this phase in your life.
There are several places in Louisville that help people in situations just like yours. I would start by contacting the U of L Dental School. They can help you or refer you to someone for sure.
I wish you the best and hope to hear how you are doing better soon…

Dr. Chris

just wanna know how much the denture upper down

Dear Rosalie,
The cost of a denture depends on many factors, so to get an exact price I would need to see you. Quality cosmetic dentures are not a “one size fits all” appliance. To ensure that you will love your teeth we put a lot of effort and thought into it’s design and development.
Stop by the office and we can take a quick look and hopefully answer all your questions!

Keep smiling,
Dr. Chris

Hi Dr. Hahn,
I have been wearing dentures (top/bottom) and they are terrible. They are too big, it doesn’t matter how much adhesive I use they are still loose. When I chew or talk they make a clacking noise, lost weight because eating is very difficult and painful. I would love to have Ideal or facelift dentures, but I don’t know where to locate a dentist that specialize in this area. If possible would you please refer a dentist in or around the Chicago land area (Evergreen, Oak Lawn, or Burbank) Hope to hear from you real soon because I really need to get into the swing of things again. Thanks for your assistance.

Dr. I must applaud you for your dedication to removable prosthetics. I’m a CDT and wish I had more accounts like you that push for premium appliances for the oral health of your patients. Have a blessed day!

Thank you Jason, that is really nice to hear ๐Ÿ™‚

I wish you a great day as well!
Dr. Chris

I have false teeth, I feel like my top lip has disappeared and I have a crooked smile , is my false teeth ? Could there be something done about this hence better false teeth

Dear Mick,

Many things can be done to give you a better smile. Remember, bone supports teeth and teeth support your soft tissue, ie lips. Bone goes away over time if it is not stimulated (by teeth or implants). We can make dentures that replace lost supportive tissue which will give you more lip support.
You need a “top quality” dentist to give you a top quality restoration.
Dr. Chris

Please I am interested in a new partical I doN’T LIKE MY PRESENT ONE.

Dear Desiree,

I would be more than happy to make you a good fitting and good looking partial. Feel free to call Lori at 502-228-4585 at you convenience.

Keep smiling,

Dr. Chris

I need help!! I am 28 yr old female, I have basically had problems with my teeth since I was 4. I was a premie, (3 months early) and since I got my baby teeth I’m I have had issues. At first I had to get silver caps on all my teeth because I had no calcium in my teeth, which caused small holes in most of my teeth that were visible. After I lost all the caps and got my new grown up teeth it was problem after problem. I have always had great hygiene, so my problems did not stem from not brushing or flossing. We calculated that by the time I was 27 we had spent somewhere close to 68,000 dollars on my mouth. 4 years ago I had no bone on one of my four front teeth, and they took a piece of my chin, and put it in place of my missing bone. 3 years later, it is already disintegrated. I had braces when I was 18, off when I was 22. By the time I was 25 because of the extensive teeth work I had done ( crowns, etc.) my teeth were all crooked again. Top and bottom. So I saw a dentist who suggested invisalign. The invisalign would have been great except for the tooth in the front ( the one with the missing bone), had to be built into the tray because it couldn’t have moved with the trays. Fast forward to 2 years later, I can’t take out the trays like I’m supposed to, because of my missing front tooth, being a fairly attractive 28 yr old female, I am very embarrassed to even take them out when by myself. I don’t take them out to eat, or sleep because my bite is so offset that it hurts. My teeth are crumbling because of the constant coverage from the trays. I had someone the other day tell me my breath always is bad, although I brush my teeth more than 5 iomes a day, and floss etc. I am at a point where I have had enough! I am looking at 10,000 dollars right now just to fix what’s wrong currently and finish my invisalign . After the trays come out, I have to get another surgery (5,000) to put a bone back up in the front tooth so I can have a tooth there. I am at my wits end, I am embarrassed to smile, because my teeth are very yellow, and the trays get more dirty because I can’t keep them out for an extended amount of time. I thought about veneers, but I can’t do that because there isn’t enough of my teeth to save. I am 28 and have 3 missing teeth on the right side, my front tooth is missing, and my back tooth ( on my good side I can chew on) just crumbled into pieces 3 nights ago, and can’t be saved. So veneers are not an option, my only option is to have dentures. I am sorry for writing so much, I am very embarrassed to even talk about this to anyone, or to have anyone examine my mouth. My only option at this point is to have dentures put in at 28 years old, is there anyway that I could get your opinion on if this is the right decision or not. I mean I guess I’m to the point where it doesn’t matter if its the right decision because its the only decision.

So here’s the question, will people be able to tell? Will I look like bugs bunny? I had someone tell me the other day that I was beautiful but my only downfall was that I had ugly teeth and bad breath! I mean I guess dentures couldn’t be more embarrassing than that! I need to know if I can have them made, to where people might not even notice ? I know this is alot; but I getting them done in 2 days, an I am terrified !! Any input ( as long as it’s objective and not mean ) is welcome. Again sorry for the book I wrote, but I am embarrassed to talk to anyone about this.
Can I have them made so it looks natural and beautiful ? And can smile with confidence?
I am getting both upper and lower at the same time, and it’s from a well known dentist who seems great, and his work that I have seen is immaculate. But I’m so scared; I hve no family around. I’m on my own, and I just would really appreciate any advice. If a picture of me would help, I will upload one, and let you see my smile now.
Thanks, I don’t expect a response but I would love to get one; your my only option . So please if it’s not too much to ask; I would like you to email me back a response.
And any input from anyone on this site is welcome, but please don’t be mean; I’m going thru enough .

I am so sorry to hear about your story, especially the fact that you think anyone could or would be mean to you…that is just sad. It looks like you have tried a lot to fix your teeth. Dentures at 28 with all the money you are looking to spend may not be the best option! I think you need someone to truly look at your mouth and the reasons behind the failure. How do you know the dentist you are seeing is good? How do you know pulling all your teeth is the right decision? If you have been going through invisalign then you must have had some pretty ok teeth to start with. Even if you save a few it is better than loosing them all!

PLEASE read the post on the “dental cycle” here BEFORE getting you teeth pulled. I would seriously want to see your x-rays and digital photos before I would advocate getting dentures. So, call your dentist, ask the office to send your x-rays and chart records to me at and I will review your case and give you my honest opinion. No charge. I just need to make sure you are making the right decision ok!?

Keep smiling,

Dr. Chris

Bubblesprite, please get second and third opinions before you decide to get your teeth pulled. I was grief-stricken after the death of my first born son and after I realized my teeth were moving in front (upper), I changed dentist and went to a cosmetic doctor. I was told that X-rays showed micro fractures and that sooner or later my teeth would break off, could be 5, 10 or 20 years! Because of my grief process…….nothing mattered. I had all my top teeth pulled! Later, I learned that it was the worst decision I ever made in my life. My teeth could have been saved. Now it has been a year and the denture that a local dentist wants me to “settle” for (+$6K) is horrible. I look like an old, old woman with a sunken face, not to mention that my nose have been deformed due to my lost teeth. SO, PLEASE DO ALL YOU CAN TO SAVE YOUR TEETH. HOW ABOUT IMPLANTS? Good Luck.

I seem to be a hard case to crack… I am soon to be 27 and within the last 8 months I’ve lost 9 teeth.. All of my front top four and 5 bottom.. Come to find out my calcium isn’t being absorbed and my teeth will keep going south.. Another downfall I can’t have implants due to that reason.. I have a flipper and a partial for time being but I’m wanting to look into a full set of dentures.. What brought me to your site was how beautiful and natural the ones you all do.. Being young my smile is important and I no longer smile.. And the constant worry of another tooth breaking makes my self confidence low.. I can eat the things I’d like to eat.. I’d love to give you the opportunity to bring my smile back

Dear Mandy,

Sorry to hear about your condition…that is tough. I am sure we (dentistry) will have more options for you soon, being that you are only 27.
Now, making a beautiful denture for the time being is an option. I have several high profile patients that have had dentures since they were young and their smiles are all over the Louisville social scene. You can have a beautiful smile with a denture! It does take a bit more time, and the dentist needs to hand set each tooth and even after it is finished we need to add “character” to the teeth. I would love to help you when you are ready.

Keep smiling,

Dr. Chris

Dear Dr Chris:
I admire your personal touch with your patients and even complete strangers. That says so much about you as a caring genuine person to take time out to answer random questions.

Im in the Cincinnati area and would be interested in knowing how many visits and adjustments are usually typical . Ive been wearing a beautiful denture for 3 years now identical to my teeth but my lower teeth now need removed and i wondered how long after that i could get fitted for a lower realistic denture? Thank you so much!

Dear Star,

I am glad you have a good looking smile ๐Ÿ™‚ And thank you for the compliment.

The lower teeth are quite challenging due to the usual lack of stability…I try to place at least 2 implants to help with that!

Once all teeth are removed and the tissue begins to heal it can take several months until it is done changing. During this time most patients wear a temporary denture which, as you mentioned, will require adjustments every few weeks.

Cincinnati is not that far ๐Ÿ™‚ I used to work there every Friday!

Anyhow, if you are interested let me know and call Lori at my office ๐Ÿ˜‰

Keep smiling,

Dr. Chris

I have both upper and lower partials,seven upper and seven lower each,both fit bad,iam 74 years young.

Good Morning Herbert,

I love your attitude on age ๐Ÿ™‚ You only are as old as you feel!
It should be possible for a dentist to make you a better fitting pair of partials, warranting that the teeth left are in good shape. I would suggest you speak to your dentist and voice your concerns, I hope they can adjust them or make a good fitting pair.

Keep Smiling,

Dr. Chris

While researching dentures on line, I came across your site. My question is..
I have an appointment in December for my permanant dentures. I am wearing temporarily dentures and yes, they feel like “one fits all” I have been wearng since May and been patient as I know they are only temporarily. During my recent appt. I was told I could bring some pictures in to show them what I am looking for in dentures, however I have no clue…
I have had so…many bad experience with dentists and scared to death with this last step. As I mentioned my appointment for permaneant is 3 weeks from today, what should i expect? Should I pick a picture of someone and show it to him?What are these dentures made of/ I understand there are different acrylics, one being cheaper than the other…These were expensive and I want to make sure steps are done right. Am I going to have to use adhesive for uppers? Very scared!!! Would like your feedback. Thank You

Dear Patricia,

Going through the whole denture process is a bit scary…but, everything can always be adjusted! Meaning, if you don’t like something, it can be fixed!
SO, if you have photos from when you were younger, that helps. Secondly, the dentist needs to do a wax try-in with all the teeth in wax! At this phase I adjust the teeth in wax in your mouth until you like the way it looks. NEVER approve this step until you are happy!
Then, when they deliver the final denture, IF you do not like the way it looks, DO NOT accept it. It should be exactly as the wax model.
The acrylic does not matter much. You can buy all different types of teeth, but simple acrylic teeth placed correctly look good and function well.
As you get used to the denture, remember, you can add implants to make it more stable and even fixed to the jaw!

I hope this helps…most importantly, do no settle. Be picky ๐Ÿ™‚

Keep Smiling,

Dr. Chris

Dear bubble sprite, my name is Buffye, & I read your story about your teeth, & I am so sorry to hear all the things that you have to go through to get a perfect smile. I’ve been through a lot as well and I’m only 26 years old, & I have a bad smile as well. I’ve been to a lot of dentists, an I’m afraid, terrified of the whole dental experience. And because of that I don’t go to the dentist anymore. I’ve been dealing with bad teeth every since my depression, and I’ve been through a lot every since then. I made mistakes and I can’t take them back, and because of those mistakes and the depression my teeth have gone. Everytime I look at them or even think about them I cry, because I’m so young and I’m contemplating getting dentures as well. I never thought that I have to do that. And everytime I think about it, it saddens my heart, and it makes the depression far more worser. So I know what it’s like. I really really hope that you get the help that you need for yourself hun and that you someday have a beautiful smile that you’ve been searching for. Because it’s too late for me. Good luck.

Had all of my bottom teet pulled about 7 months ago….now ready to get lower dentures….how long would it take to get them….go too long without teeth…its really hard to eat.


Dear Lida,

Since your tissue has healed for 7 months the new denture can be made quickly. It is critical that you have the dentist try in the denture in WAX so you can see what it will look like – be picky and ask them to adjust teeth until you are happy!!!!
A good fitting denture is great but unfortunately that is hard to find these days…
That being said, you should have your denture in about 4-6 weeks the most.

Keep smiling,

Dr. Chris

I had exray and exam this week of my mouth. The dentist said that I have extreme bone loss. Could I still be a candidate for mi iimplants? I have worn dentures forty years.

Dear Barbara,

There are certain areas in the mouth where we can almost always get an implant or two in. Even one or two implants could significantly stabilize your denture and if it was me I would certainly look into it!

Keep smiling,

Dr. Chris

Wish would have found this site 5 years ago. People”s questions and your answers are so informing. I wish my dentist or my oral surgeon would have warned me that my decesion was not the best. On November 19, 2009 I had 7 teeth pulled and only one with a cavity. I had a 9 unit bridge that had to be removed because of a cavity made it come loose. They were going to be able to use most of the bridge and I needed one implant. My other choice was implanted support dentures, or even a partial. I choose two implants and dentures. I was told how great wonderful they can do now with dentures, which by with you, I know can be true. But also, by you I see that would only be if there was no other choice. I could not afford the ideal choice but the others were about the same or less than the route I took. On 5/15/2013 I went to a denture place and they ran my credit and I was finally okayed by care credit. I had worked on since 2009 to get good so I could afford to get my dentures. Then when I found out a problem and needed 3 unit bridge replace on botton and crown they told me this needed to be done first. They thought I was going to use them but I ended up going to a low income place to have work done. It done by your income, It has been a disateter. Now I have problems with the bridge and crowns hurting and they say its my gums. Now I am going back to place that I have already paid more than 3/4 of the balance. They had already started on my dentures before I found that i needed the bottom work because of cavities. They had their heads up their butts. I went in once and they had a set of dentures ready for me that were not implant dentures, and they said opps. Then months later I went in for what I thought was a try in and they had dentures ready again with no try ins. They looked like rabbit teeth and were way off my color, They said you were right we had not had a try in, but we will now. Then I told them I wanted to get the bottoms done first since they told me before, it was best. They pushed to go ahead and do them but i said no, we will wait. It took this go by your income place over 1 1/2 years to do 2 three unit bridges and 1 crown. Gees! So now it’s time to go back to denture place to get dentures, whom I have know faith in, but they have my money. Also, they were doing a titanium 2 implant palateless denture, which sounds great to me, but I have been told since by 3 dentist that its not enough implants to support this denture. I went in last week to tell them this and they already had the dentures put together in the titanium plate. Told them what the other dentist said and they said okay. Also told them that other dentist said I needed angular abuntments although they had already but two straight abutments in on our second viisit. They made my temps stick out like a horse, but they said trust us if it doesn’t work will do it different. Now he says his going to check to see if there is shorter abutments so they wont stick out so far. I wish I could just get my money back. I know that to go to the one prothodontis in town who I here is really good would cost more, but that would be okay. Should they give me all my money back or can they charge me for all the visits I have had with them for the dentures. I was there about 8 visits they have already done a lot, but agree we have to start over now. I guess it wont hurt to ask. But with your answers I do know one thing and that is to be picky, and that I can be. Thank you so much!

Thank you Debbie for your question. Please visit my new podcast on Drill The Dentist to see your answer! I am trying to answer most if not all questions once a week. I hope I will be able to help you.

Keep Smiling,

Dr. Chris

I recently went to cancun mexico and received snap on dentures with mini implants. I was pleased with the work. However, not so pleased with the dentures, I’m 36 and I would like a more younger and real looking denture, can you help?

Dear Laura,

I am not a huge fan of mini – implants and don’t have much experience with attaching dentures to mini – implants, sorry. I usually place regular implants (small ones if needed but not mini) and attach awesome looking dentures to them! I suggest you find a local dentist near you that has a website with his/her own dentistry featured on it and shows a passion for dentures/removable appliances.

Keep Simling,

Dr. Chris

Where are you located?

Hello Kathy,
I am in Louisville, Kentucky ๐Ÿ™‚

I had to have dentures and as I suspected they look like all the others out there, fake. I want to get them redone elsewhere but trying to find a good honest dentist is not easy, they all say they can do a good job and I don’t believe 1-800 dentists is the way to go either the dentists pay fee yearly to be on that list and that doesn’t mean they are any good. I live in Washington State, Thurston county and was hoping you could recommend somebody. Thank you for your time

Please check my Drill The Dentist podcast for your answer – Episode 4!

Just curious if you knew any denturist in wa state??

Sorry Angelo, not very familiar with denturists.

Hi, What is your opinion on the BLANK dentures? Are they of higher quality, comfort and better chewing ability as they claim?

Dear Jan,

I removed the denture name and replaced with BLANK because it is a brand name and I don’t want to advertise for them ๐Ÿ™‚

In my opinion the quality of a denture has more to do with the dentist than the product. A good looking denture requires a good eye and an artistic touch. That being said, any dentist that takes extra courses on dentures is showing that they have an interest in delivering better quality care and that is a step in the right direction.

I hope this helps!

hi my name is Jillian I would just like to say thank you for the time you put in on this website to help others I greatly appreciate you. But I was wondering if there was any way you could help me find a way to get a smile like you describe on this blog I’m only 28 years old I’ve been screwed over and ripped off by dentist and my mouth is messed up and I just want to look like a normal 28 year old if there’s any way at all you could help me please I would greatly appreciate it thank you so much sincerely, Jillian

Dear Jillian.

I know very little about your situation so if you are looking for an honest opinion then you need to find a top Cosmetic Dentist and get a real evaluation done. This means you need to pay someone to spent “time” with you, not just get a quick look exam. A good place to start is search for an accredited or fellow dentist on the website!

Dr. Chris

I am in my 50’s. Was a confident woman in regard to my appreance and smile. 4 yrs ago I had dentures. It has changed my appearance and aged me at least 15-20 years around my face and chin. At once I lost my lips and could scarcely apply makeup. I returned many many times complaining . Now my profile my smile everything looks different. At all events with my children people ask me if I am their grandmother. It painfully embarrassing. It took all the money in the world to do this dental procedure. Truly I do not look like the same woman. I still get painful ulcers in my bottom gums weekly that are unbearable.I take tissue paper or chewed up gummy mints and place them under my gums to try and regain my profile. Is there hope to save someone like me, just incase I win the lottery?

Dear Paris,

Of course there is hope! A good looking and fitting denture is possible and all you need to do is find a dentist that has the experience to make this happen. There are many different payment plans that will also help you. I encourage you to start with a search in your area for a AACD accredited cosmetic dentist and speak to them, I am sure they can help or direct you.

Keep smiling,

Dr. Chris

I need new dentures but need to know prices please

Dear Lynnette,

While I love helping people, I cannot simply quote a price…I can tell you that dentures range in price and quality just like anything in life. You can spend $600 or $6000….What I do recommend is you find a dentist that has lots of experience, before and after photos of his/her work, that you like.

Keep smiling,

Dr. Chris

Hi Dr. My dentures are really loose and chipped on the bottom back denture I need new ones. Do you take Medicare/Medi-cal?

Dear Deborah,

I am sorry your dentures are loose. I have built a practice outside of the insurance network in order to provide quality care that I see is lacking nearly everywhere these days. I would not be able to deliver a decent pair of dentures at the reimbursement rate from medicare. It is sad, but true. Your best bet for a quality pair of dentures is to save and find a dentist that has a passion for quality and will work with you until a beautiful set of new dentures is created.

I have dentures but over the years mtmy upper lip has thined. Are there dentures that give you a more natural look?

Hello Paul,

A denture can add bulk on the inside of your lip and make it look better ๐Ÿ™‚ You can also have your dentist test this by adding wax on top of the denture and see if you like it first.

Dr. Chris

Dear Paul. A denture can be designed to give support to the upper lip so yes :).
Keep smiling,
Dr Chris

I live in the San Antonio Texas area and need to locate a Dentist like yesterday..that can provide me with a complete set of dentures that look and feel like natural fitting teeth…not..fake looking …often too big or ill fitting..

Can you send me some referrals…Please…Need your help in doing this badly…

Dear Doris, I am not able to find a dentist is your area that I am familiar with…Please go to and click the find a dentist button. A accredited or fellow member is what you want. Some are a bit of a drive from your location but it would be worth the time…

Dr. Chris

Dear Doris. I would go to the website and look for an accredited cosmetic dentist in your area!
I hope you find the right one.
Dr Chris

Hi, Dr. Chris, I’m 53 years old, I’m going to have a mold made for false upper teeth next week, at Case Western Reserve Dental College, in Cleveland, Ohio. I want natural looking dentures, I’m so nervous going to a dental school. Please! Recommended me a great dentist in my area Shaker Hts.Ohio. Also I’m in the process of losing 15 pounds, should I lose the weight first before I get my dentures? Thanks!…..From: Lady who needs beautiful dentures!!

Dear Cookie ๐Ÿ™‚

Love the name!
Natural looking dentures are an “art” and it is tough to find a great dentist who can do this…I don’t know any top dentists in that area…but, when you do go through the denture process the key will be for the dentist who is working on you to try in the WAX MODEL with the actual teeth in it. Do NOT approve the denture in WAX until you like it. Everything about the denture can be changed in this state. The dentist can move the teeth until you like it. Do not let them finish it until you are happy and you will get a good looking denture.

All the best with the weight loss. I do not believe it will make a huge difference so go ahead and get yourself some beautiful teeth!


Dr. Chris

dearchrisilive in arnld mo doyou know of a good dentist inmy area.iwant natural looking dentures

I would see this doctor ๐Ÿ™‚

Jack D. Griffin, Jr., DMD
18 Hilltop Village Center Dr
Eureka, MO 63025
United States
(636) 938-6241

I am in memphis tenn. I have had terrible luck with getting dentures that are not huge. The bottoms make me look like im chewing tobacco and the dentist says well what do you want me to do. Hes making the next set and wants me to tell him what to do to change this. If you can make dentures I will drive there and pay you to do them. Do you do different size teeth because my natural ones were smaller than most peoples. I hafe pictures of my smile before I lost my teeth.

Hello Bunny,

Dentures should match your “style” and require a bit or artistry to make right. All dentures should be made out of wax and approved by you before they finished them in acrylic. I do dentures but it would be quite a drive for you….I did just see a patient yesterday that drove from Charlotte North Carolina ๐Ÿ™‚

Dr. Chris

Hello, I am 35 and in need of alot of dental work that i just cant afford. I have alot of missing molars and am in need of 5 root canals due to huge cavities. I have Medi-cal and it doesn’t cover root canals on posterior teeth or any crowns/caps (which is something i need badly). So im thinking about getting full dentures (that Medi-Cal does cover)… I have a hard time eating and am very self concious of my teeth…from what i hear dentures are a pain in the butt but will likely improve my appearance and hopefully allow me to eat better. So my question is do you know of any good dentists for dentures in or near Tarzana, California that will take Medi-Cal/Denti-Cal, I am ready to be able to smile, be pain free and have a normal mouth, i just don’t want fake looking dentures as I am only 35 and will eventually want to date again

Hello Julia,

I don’t know any dentists in Tarzana but I used to go there all the time (my God-mother lived there)! I would make sure you spend the money for some good dentures from a top dentist or you will end up with a serious headache for the rest of your life….make payments or save-up, don’t settle for something that you can’t chew with or looks horrible…


Dr. Chris

I am in the process of having a new full top plate made. My dental technician is trying his best to make a good set of dentures but I am unsure if I like the look of the teeth. He is telling me if they have a slight gap along the bottom they will look more natural and younger. My current set are 15 years old, worn and square along the bottom edge, I can’t seem to get used to the look. I would like to send you a photo for your opinion?

Sure, send me a photo and I will do what I can. Remember, you need to like the teeth, not the dentist or the technician ๐Ÿ™‚

I have been using the same set of dentures since June 1953 (they are now 63 years old and still as functional as the first day.) Dentist in the service which looked at the dentures said they were beyond the period in which they were made. The dentist who made the teeth is no longer with this world. Would it be possible for a dentist to look at the dentures and maybe duplicate the workmanship.

Dear Willie! That is the kind of dentistry I like to hear about :). Yes, dentists with the right skill and lab can duplicate the denture. Keep it safe and have a copy made :). You are very lucky…

Dr Chris

Hi, had my teeth removed on Monday, in so much pain! Feels like i have two rugby gums in my mouth, cannot talk or eat! How long before it feels better? Will this feeling of having gums ever get beter. Really struggling to eat! Tried everything, just does not work. Pain never stops!

Dear Joan, I am sorry you are in so much pain. It has now been 6 days and you should be feeling better! If you are not then it is possibly you have what is called a dry-socket or tooth/bone infection. I hope you were given antibiotics, probiotics and pain medication after your procedure! If not you need to call your dentist (you should call them anyhow).
The discomfort really gets a lot better after 2 weeks and then you need to rebuild your smile – there are many options for this and I hope you are able to incorporate some dental implants in the procedure.
I hope this helps and you feel better soon…

Hi Paul I am 58 I have had dentures for 10 years temporary plates were made my face or mite I say my jaw bone skin is starting to say will new dentures in prove my look

You can expect an improvement in many parts of your face with correctly designed dentures as the vertical height of your face and your lips are restored. This often makes a tremendous difference!
Dr. Chris

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