Componeers – Beautiful Direct Composite Veneers At Half The Cost Of Porcelain!

A beautiful smile should not be a luxury – everyone deserves to love their smile!

Until recently, a smile makeover always consisted of porcelain veneers or crowns that are not always in the budget for most people. Plus, these porcelain restorations, while beautiful, are very hard to repair.  If the porcelain veneers are not in the budget, the only other option then was a hand sculpted composite resin veneer. These literally require the dentist to be an artist, are very time-consuming and frequently do not look as good as the patient would like.

Now there is a “medium” option- Componeers. These composite resin veneers are strong, beautiful and much more cost effective than porcelain veneers. Componeers have the beauty of porcelain, the longevity of pressed composite, and most importantly, are adjustable, repairable and customizable!

So, if you want to “style your smile” but don’t want to break the bank, ask us about the new Componeers system.

You can learn more about the system here: COMPONEERS

Keep smiling.

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2 comments on “Componeers – Beautiful Direct Composite Veneers At Half The Cost Of Porcelain!

I had 2 resin veneers done on my 2 front teeth today and was wondering what a normal cost for this procedure is. I paid $1500, but based on internet searches about the costs of resin veneers it seems like a lot of money. Most of the info. I found says that resin veneers are typically around $300 or so per tooth. It seems like for what I paid, I could have gotten porcelain veneers. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks

Dear Anthony,

Resin veneer costs vary depending on many variables. Are you happy with them? Placing a resin veneer is an art and there are dentists that charge over 2000 per tooth, and it is worth it. You can also get resin veneers for probably under 300, but you always get what you pay for…
Resin veneers take a lot more work than porcelain veneers! I would charge more for resin than porcelain if I could. Also, a more average fee for resin veneers done right is around 800 each. I charge more.
Porcelain is great and you can even get porcelain veneers for 300 sometimes! That does not mean you want those veneers…always remember, in dentistry you really get what you pay for as time and artistry costs money.
So they real question is….are you happy? Resin veneers can look amazing!

Keep Smiling,
Dr. Chris

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