Get to know your Dentist

Who is your Dentist? What are his or her philosophies? Do they have a passion for what they do?

Medicine, including Dentistry, goes beyond the scientific aspect of care – it is about people. Too often we get treated like a number, a problem, or a project, while in reality we are all human beings simply looking for help.

At Ideal Dentistry I focus on the person, not must the problem. I spend the time listening to you and making sure I am able to help. Getting to know who will be guiding you along your journey towards better oral health is now more important than ever! Poor quality dentistry has flooded the market and created more harm than good – many patients are treated different based on their insurance benefits and dentistry to many doctors has become a business, not a career.

I promise all my patients I only look out for their personal well being without being influenced by insurance or drug companies. This of course does not make me a favorite with insurance companies, dentists or drug companies, but that is ok! I am here to help and be your friend in the dental industry.

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5 comments on “Get to know your Dentist

Hi Dr. Hahn,
I’m still having issues with a new zirconium crown. The permanent was placed almost 8 weeks ago (upper right molar #3). This is my first crown ever so this is a new experience for me. 3 weeks in I finally trusted myself that this wasn’t a normal “getting used to it” timeperiod and I went in to get it adjusted. My dentist adjusted it on a Wednesday and the next few days after the adjustment the tooth was “angry” and I had throbbing pain on one of those nights. I went back in the next Monday and he adjusted it a little but told me he can’t adjust it any further because it would lose contact and the teeth might move. He said I would just need to get used to it and if I keep having throbbing pain that I need a root canal. I wasn’t satisfied with this answer. Also that Friday I had another night of throbbing pain but then it got better. I had a vacation so I had to find a way to keep my tooth calm for the week so I started chewing only on my left side. The tooth calmed down but still ever present and a constant distraction. Uncomfortable but not necessarily pain. When back from vacation, last Thursday I went to see my Mother-In-Law’s dentist who she did several crowns and a bridge with over the years. He said the crown looked good and of similar quality to what he would do. He did still see a high spot and adjusted that. He said that the throbbing could just be something temporary because the tooth got inflamed. After it felt a little better but I still feel a high spot now. Sometimes I think it will be ok but then other times it is driving me crazy constantly. This has been very distracting at work and mentally draining. I feel concerned that no one understands or believes the discomfort I have but I know I will not live the rest of my life with this situation. This has had a big impact on the quality of my life. I’m determined to find a good solution. Through a lot of internet searches I have found your website and blog. I really appreciate your philosophy and am hoping you can help me determine a next step. If you’d like me to send pictures or x-rays I would love for you to review those and get your opinion. I did find a AACD dentist in Philadelphia, but am also considering going to a Prosthdontist, or flying to Kentucky to see you. I’m also confused because some days it is less annoying than others. Sometimes I think maybe I do just need to give it more time but not if I keep feeling my tooth hit and if I can’t get back to eating with my right side. I don’t want to get complacent and ignore something that might cause a root canal down the line. I’d prefer not to get the crown redone because that will put more risk for disturbing the tooth but I realize that maybe the build up material was too high redoing it might end up being the solution. I’d appreciate any direction you can provide and I’d be happy to send photos and x-rays if you need them.
Thank you for your time and the opportunity to run this by you,

I am sorry Kim you had such a bad experience. Let me first tell you what I tell all my patients – you are the boss and until it is done right you nor the dentist is done.
So, that being said, you should not feel any interferences in the new tooth. It needs to be adjusted properly!!! Secondly, throbbing pain is dangerous and could kill the tooth. This needs to be addressed ASAP! You are welcome to send me your x-rays and I will help you any way I can. Send me the x-rays at

Hi Dr. Hahn,
Just following up on my original message with an update. The tooth has calmed down and I don’t feel any pain but I do still notice it regularly. It has been 9 weeks now since the permanent was placed. Here is why it feels uncomfortable:
1) Feels “fat”. If I run my tongue along my inside gum line from left to right it feels smooth and straight until I get to the spot where the crown is and then I have to go over a bump where the crown is.
2) It still feels too high. When I bite down I’m still hitting the inside back cusp before I hit my other teeth.
3) Sometimes by the end of the day I notice it more. I would describe this as my tooth feels “swollen”. I don’t feel pain but the tooth just feels big.

I have been able to resume eating on that side and I’ve found a way to ignore it during parts of the day but it is still a daily distraction. If I try to eat harder foods (namely almonds which is part of my daily breakfast) I notice it more. Maybe I’m not supposed to be able to eat almonds after getting a crown but everybody else that I know that has a crown tell me that the tooth functions as normal after the first few days of getting the permanent placed.

My plan for moving forward is to see my mother-in-laws dentist again to see if he can do the 4th adjustment for me. After that, if it is still uncomfortable after a week or two I will go to a prosthdontist I found near me since I believe she may be able to give a more thorough opinion on what my options are. I probably should go back to my original dentist but he really was pushing me away and although that professionally he should back his work I feel like that will be more fight than I want to deal with despite the financial impact this will have for me.

Please let me know if you have any additional advice to help. Sincerely,

Thank you for the update. I agree with you seeing a dentist you trust and possibly a Prosthodontist. Getting this right is important. I am happy you feel better :). Let me know how it goes!

Thank you,

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