Is Your Dentist Practicing Blind?

Magnification in dentistry in 2013 is a must. Dental fillings, crowns and porcelain work such as veneers require that we work in fractions of millimeters.

  • The thickness of a porcelain veneer can be around 0.3 mm!
  • The edge of a filling may require as little as a 0.5 mm bevel around the whole tooth
  • The edges of porcelain crowns come to sharp point and are thinner than the thickness of your fingernail
  • Even with 20/20 vision you still are blind compared to magnification

There are many more examples such as finding decay, fractures, etc. that require the use of dental loupes. Simply put, without dental loupes you are seeing only a fraction of what really is going on!

At Ideal Dentistry we use the maximum level of magnification with a halogen light to ensure that the quality of all restorations, as well as your exams, are world class.

How can you ensure a perfect fit of a crown if you can’t even see the edge?

How can you diagnose a fractured tooth below a silver mercury filling if you can even see the crack?

Remember, quality dentistry is lasting dentistry. Get it done right the first time. Get it done under magnification!

Keep smiling.

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