Life Changing Dentures

I would like to discuss how dentures can change your life today…why you ask, well, simple , I have had several wonderful patients come to my office recently who had to put their life on hold because of their bad dentures.

When I speak to a group of dentists my goal is not only to teach them about cosmetic dentistry, but much more importantly, teach them that we as dentists can change lives…we  can make or break patients confidence, success, and most importantly, happiness.

The two patients I am referring to are beautiful young ladies that won’t smile, or hardly talk anymore. They are blessed with a beautiful features but feel that life is miserable due to their teeth. That is how powerful your smile is. I am honored to be able to be the dentist that re-ignites their zest for life by giving them back a smile that represents who they are.

So, how do we do it? It all has to do with customization…meaning, taking a few extra steps when making a denture to ensure they are unique and natural looking. I set all the front teeth by hand, in wax, until the patient likes the way they look. Then when the denture has been turned into hard acrylic I shape and polish the teeth until they look real and match the patients personality. Lastly, I place dental implants whenever possible to secure the denture, giving you the confidence that your teeth won’t become loose at the wrong moment.

If you want “real” and “beautiful” looking dentures, or you have a friend that suffers from bad dentures, give me a call and let’s make you smile again!

Keep smiling.

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6 comments on “Life Changing Dentures

Serious lover of your blog, a considerable number of your blog posts have really helped me out. Looking towards updates!

Thanks Doc! I aim to please 🙂

How much are implant retained dentures?

Dear Chrissy,

That is a very broad question! I am sure you know I cannot give you an exact number as there literally are too many variables. That being said, if you are interested in implant supported dentures, I would suggest you don’t selected the “cheapest” route as that usually result in a very poor outcome. Many posts on the page are just about that…
So, an implant supported denture usually requires at least 2 implants that attach to the denture. Prices vary but usually start around 5-10k for something that will look nice and work well. If you like, come see me for a more detailed quote after I see what we have to work with.

Keep smiling,

Dr. Chris

I am a 45 yoa female grad student in psychology. I know that because of my poor fitting dentures, I lack the confidence needed to smile and feel comfortable talking. I need help!!

Hello Angie,

I would suggest you invest in some awesome dentures from a top cosmetic dentist so that you can have the confidence you need in life. I am sure they offer payment options…don’t live with a smile you do not like!


Dr. Chris

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