Not your Mom’s Denture

Do your dentures rock and roll around your mouth making eating and talking almost impossible?

Do you use more adhesive glue to keep your teeth from falling out than a Kindergartener in art class?

Do your dentures “look like dentures“?

Ideal Dentistry was founded by me to help people like you. I have always believed that everybody deserves a smile they are proud of, and that includes those who wear dentures!

Loose dentures that look like fake teeth are not your destiny! There are options for you, good options.

I have worked for years developing a keen eye for esthetics that allows Ideal Dentistry to provide natural looking, beautiful dentures that match your face and character. Every single denture I make is a unique, hand made work of art. To top it off we can add implants to stabilize the denture and if you like, permanently attach the teeth to your jaw!

How awesome would it be if we could cut out the big piece of plastic in the middle of your pallet? Well, that too is entirely possible with implants! Taste your food again!

Ideal Dentistry offers the cutting edge in beautiful cosmetic dentures including the all on 4 procedure that often allows my patients to immediately walk out of the office with permanent teeth!

Why would you suffer with loose dentures that hold you back from enjoying the simple pleasures of life? Contact Ideal Dentistry today and see how your dentures can become an asset, not a liability!

Keep smiling.

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4 comments on “Not your Mom’s Denture


I love the UK but work in the USA for now 🙂


Dr. Chris

My dentures look nice but fit terribly I also have a partial on the bottom but will be needing the rest of my teeth pulled and get a bottom denture also I’m sick of them moving around all the time I needs to use fixodent powder that’s the only adhesive that works for me. I live in Hazleton Pa but can’t find a good dentist. Thanks for listening…

Dear Judy,

I am sorry you are having trouble…Don’t give up, there are dentists that are fantastic with making good dentures…I don’t know of anyone of hand but check websites of local dentists, maybe research local study clubs and ask who loves to do dentures 🙂


Dr. Chris

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