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Who Is The Boss?

Patients email me weekly with questions like this:

  • I hate my temporary crowns on my front teeth! Will the final ones look the same?
  • I do not like the way my final crown looks – it looks more like a marshmallow than a tooth!
  • I am worried that my veneers will turn out like chicklets, what should I do?

My answer, most of the time, is YOU have complete control over what the final result should look like, YOU are the BOSS!

You, the patient, hired me, the Dentist, to help you. Let’s remember that 🙂 I will do my absolute best to serve you and solve your concerns. That is my job.

So, if your dentist is making you feel like you do not have a choice or have to accept something “ugly”, you certainly do not 🙂

Keep smiling