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Straight Teeth WITHOUT Braces in about 6 Weeks!

Straight teeth not only look better but also are healthier. Traditionally to get your teeth straightened would require a significant investment in braces, clear or with wires, and a long time commitment.

What if we could straighten your front teeth, top or bottom, in about 6 weeks?

What if we could straighten your teeth with an appliance you can remove when you like?

What if we could straighten your teeth at a fraction of the cost of braces?

Would you be interested in getting your teeth looking and feeling their best?

At Ideal Dentistry we are always on the cutting edge of dentistry, no pun intended. Invisalign is able to straighten teeth in a fraction of the time required by traditional braces. 

After we straighten teeth we usually whiten them, do some minor cosmetic contouring and voila, you have an incredibly beautiful smile.

Do Straight Teeth Look Better?

Straight teeth are an important icon in our society – it is no wonder parents will forgo many creature comforts to straighten their kids teeth as teens.

Everybody understands that a good smile gives you an edge in society:

  • People hire people with nice smiles
  • People date people with nice smiles

So what can you do about your smile? Here is a case I just completed on someone that was told she could not have clear braces by another dentist.

Besides the improvements in esthetics, the case also significantly helped the patient functionally. She now is able to keep her teeth clean! It is much more difficult to manage crooked teeth than straight teeth. Invisalign Clear Braces gave this lady a beautiful smile!

Consider you smile…is it a healthy smile? Is it a beautiful smile? How would straight, healthy teeth improve your life?

Life is better with a beautiful smile!

Keep Smiling.