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Mercury Free Dental Practice In Louisville

Although perhaps not the first, Ideal Dentistry is proud to be one of the mercury-free dental practices in Louisville. Silver mercury fillings were invented as a cheaper alternative to gold fillings and have been in use since long before World War I! (They were first used in Paris in 1820).

Mercury, which is the material that makes up 50% of these fillings, is more toxic than lead, and who would allow a lead filling in is or her mouth today? So why would you allow a mercury filling?

Europe and Canada have very tight restrictions and bans on this material. The USA is lagging behind this safety trend.

This recent Courier-Journal article puts the debate over the toxicity of these fillings in the spotlight again:


If you have any more questions about these silver mercury fillings, their safe removal, and their best alternatives, then please contact Ideal Dentistry, your mercury-free dentist.

I have NEVER placed a silver mercury filling since I graduated – I follow the golden rule in dentistry: “If I would not use it in the mouths of my family, then I will not use it in my patients’ mouths either.”

Keep smiling.

ORGANIC Dentistry

Over the last 10 years I have been researching natural alternatives in Dentistry, continuously seeking the healthiest form of treatment for my patients.  Just repairing the problems that I encountered with my patients teeth seemed futile.  It is not enough to just “fix what broke.”  WHY did it break in the first place?  WHY are your gums bleeding?

WHY are your teeth loose?  WHY do you need a root canal?  These are the questions I spend most of my time on.  All too often our society seeks the MAGIC PILL to fix the problem.  You can get a pill for anything and everything these days.  Why?  Because it is instant gratification and big business.  As DOCTORS we need to look beyond the pill and “FIX THE PROBLEM first”.  This does not mean that you do not need any medication, it means we need to find out why you may need the medication first and try to correct it.

For 2010 IDEAL DENTISTRY is expanding its focus on what we have quietly provided all along, ORGANIC DENTISTRY.

You may ask “What is Organic Dentistry?”, and rightfully so.

Organic Dentistry (my definition):  Dental Products, Procedures, and Philosophies that focus specifically on re-establishing and maintaining the most natural environment in the mouth.

What makes IDEAL DENTISTRY Different?

We’re passionate about our organic approach to dentistry. Ideal Dentistry helps patients achieve an overall feeling of well-being using safer, less intrusive practices and products. Our passion for the organic approach to improved quality of life goes beyond the dental office and is seen in everything we do, even at home.

We don’t pontificate. We innovate. 

Experience and credentials you can trust. 

Care of teeth and gums and YOU. At Ideal Dentistry, we whiten and repair damaged teeth, create beautiful smiles, treat the gums and provide other dentistry services but do so believing that the mouth is the gateway to the total health of your body, mind and spirit.  We focus on identifying the cause of the problem before trying to blindly repair it.

An engaging and interactive approach to patient care. 

One visit to Ideal Dentistry and you’ll know you’ve come to the right place.  There is a reason why our office won the 2009 Health Care facility of The Year award from Contract Magazine.  This national competition sought out  health care facilities that delivered an environment that is environmentally green and centered around building a comfortable patient experience.  We are very proud of our beautiful facility and invite you to come visit anytime.