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Ideal Dentistry – What Drives Us

We believe that there is a better way, a more personalized way, a more successful way to deliver dentistry and treat our patients. Dr. Hahn, a natural born problem solver, is passionate about helping patients escape the Dental Cycle (the continuous need for more dentistry over time at constantly increasing cost) and has created a unique approach to dentistry, Ideal Dentistry, focused on helping you prevent seeing the dentist.

We believe that dentistry is an art as much a science, and that every restoration we deliver, every filling we place needs to be as beautiful and functional as humanly possible.

We believe that a smile is a gift to you and everyone who you come in contact with.  A smile is as important to human interaction as words. We believe everyone deserves to have a smile they are proud of. At Ideal Dentistry we listen to you and help you gain a smile that is uniquely you, using the most conservative methods available.

The Dental Peace Program, created by Dr. Hahn to help you maximize your dental health and minimize your need for future dentistry, is one of the pillars of Ideal Dentistry.

Your smile is our reward.

Keep smiling,

Dr. Chris

Christian Hahn