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Never Worry About Your Mouth Again

Would you like to know what it takes to truly be free of dental problems?

Would you like to have a healthy, clean, functioning mouth?

Would you like to escape the ever increasing need of dentistry and cost over your lifetime?

To achieve this you need to follow a plan developed by Ideal Dentistry to maximize your chances to stay out of the dental office, saving thousands of dollars and hours of time spent in the dental chair.

The gap between quality dentistry and patch dentistry is growing with this economy. Unfortunately only the patients loose, receiving worse and worse dentistry as the socialized medicine disease grabs hold of dentistry as well. Insurances are paying dentists less and less for their services, and contrary to medical practices, dental practices have a significant overhead associated with laboratories that actually fabricate all the indirect restorations. Cutting costs in dentistry directly translates to cutting quality.

The first question many patients ask their dentist after learning that their tooth is rotten and poisoning their system is :”does my insurance cover this?”. Well, no, they don’t, so let’s let the tooth completely break and cause a systemic infection that could land you in the hospital or worse. Maybe your medical plan will then cover it…

Sorry, I regress, but the problem of poor dentistry and poor dental insurance coverage of dental needs is an epidemic that has spun out of control. Learn more about this by reading past blogs I wrote.

At Ideal Dentistry we focus on you, the patient. If you have insurance benefits, that is great, we will try to maximize your benefits for you, but, we do not ever allow dental insurances to  dictate your treatment. Dental insurance is a benefit, not a true insurance. They cap their benefit around $1500 per year, a number that has not changed since the early 1970s!!! How is that fair to the patient and the dentist?

At Ideal Dentistry we serve you, not the insurance company. Nobody should dictate treatment other than your doctor. We create a plan to help you escape the dental cycle, fix your broken teeth and functional issues, address gum disease that is linked to many systemic health issues such as diabetes and heart disease, and finally keep your mouth healthy. Let us worry about your mouth, not you.

Follow the trifecta of Oral Health created by Ideal Dentistry and only available at Ideal Dentistry and become dental worry free.

Keep Smiling.

How To Kill The Bacteria That Cause Gum Disease And Whiten Your Teeth At The Same Time!

Sound too good to be true? Yes, but it actually is the truth!

Dentists now have the ability to kill the bacteria that lives in and around your teeth, causing decay and gum disease, while at the same time whitening the teeth (a serendipitous side effect).

How do we do it?

Perio Protect! A new, custom designed tray that fits around your teeth and gums. This tray is filled with a special hydrogen peroxide solution (as well as possibly other medications) specifically designed to kill those bacteria and bugs that live deep under the gums. You simply wear it a few minutes per day and voila, your oral health reaches new heights.

I personally was so excited about the clinical studies that resulted from using this product that I myself am the first to get one!

Ever hear that saying “brush like a dentist?” Well, this kinda applies to everything else your dentist does in his/her mouth.

I am very excited about this product as my practice is built around minimally invasive, early interceptive dentistry. “Less is more” philosophy. So, if I can kill the bacteria that cause all the destruction, why would I not do it?

To learn more about this great system follow this link or simply stop by the office for a brochure.

Keep smiling.