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Escape The Dental Cycle – Achieve STABILITY

The mighty OAK is a great analogy to you, the mighty HUMAN.

Both the oak and you need stability to grow strong and live long. Here is how the oak tree does it:

Oak trees have a strong roots system that nourishes and supports the tree.

In human beings we need a strong root system to nourish and maintain the body as well. Over the past 13 years I have developed a 5 root stability program that allows you to become the strongest and healthiest “you” that you can be. Each one of these 5 roots is essential to helping you escape the dental cycle and even more importantly, live a healthy long life. At Ideal Dentistry we treat each patient according to this stability program helping them ensure their dentistry lasts longer and they live healthy, productive lives.

Here are the 5 roots of the Stability Program:

  2. DECAY

Satisfy all the requirements in the above 5 categories and you too can ensure your mouth is healthy.

To learn the details of each root just become a patient of Ideal Dentistry and take the first step towards dental peace.

Smile, it’s natural.

We Treat The Entire Body, Not Just Teeth

The Dental Cycle, and freeing yourself from it, is at the core value of Ideal Dentistry. This whole concept is what sets us apart from all other dental practices.

We work hard at teaching you how to not need our services, rather than find services we can provide for you!

Those services we do provide are performed only at the highest standards, without compromise. Our perfect patient has a beautiful, healthy mouth and body, not a mouth full of bad teeth that we can fix.

This concept goes against the “business” nature of the dental business, but that is ok. The fact is that there will always be enough dentistry to perform, regardless of how successful we are at getting our patients out of the dental cycle, since most dental practice due just the opposite.

At Ideal Dentistry we do not have “tooth vision”, but rather we focus on your entire body. You can live without teeth, but you cannot live very well, or long, with infected teeth or gums. Our job is not just to fix the tooth, but to fix the person.

We are not tooth mechanics, we are mouth doctors. And yes, there is a difference.

The dental cycle is, essential, the perpetual nature of seeing a dentist for the rest of your life, expecting a problem to be found almost at every visit. These problems become larger, more costly, and more uncomfortable with time. In my opinion, the Dental Cycle is an epidemic and since it has been going on for so long most patients accept it.

There is a better way, but it requires you putting your health, including your teeth, first, for a while. Quality dentistry is not cheap. Nor is quality medical care, quality cars, quality schools, etc. You always get what you pay for, that simply is a rule of life that we all try to break occasionally, with little success. The sad truth is that most patients “trust” their doctors, and dentists, to do what is best for them. The problem with this is that there is no “one level” of dental care. Dental care varies from exceptional to poor and is not related to how nice the dentist may be. You only find out that your nice dentist delivers mediocre care after you had a lot of problems or switched dentists. At that point any “fixes” will be much more expensive.

Daily we get new patients at Ideal Dentistry that have researched dentists until they found us. These patients often are in their 50s, frustrated, and have already heavily invested in their dentistry which now is failing, again. I feel for these patients, as getting their oral health restored now is not only expensive, but a long process. Plan your exit from the dental cycle as soon as you can!

If patients knew how closely their body’s health is tied to their oral health, then I would not have to perform half the dentistry I now do. And if patients could see what infected gums and poor dentistry looks like then they would take care of it immediately. But, unfortunately, unless there is pain most patients feel their mouths are in good shape.

So, when you are a patient at Ideal Dentistry we show you what your dentistry looks like, we give you an honest opinion of its quality, and we tell you how healthy your mouth really is. Then, we offer to teach you how to fix the problems and get your mouth back to optimal health, escaping the dental cycle once and for all. We guarantee that the dentistry we deliver is world class – the same quality dentists would demand for their own mouths.

So, if you want a dentist that delivers the cheapest dentistry available, tells you that seeing the hygienist every 6 months is ok since your insurance will only pay for that, then we are not for you. But, if you want a dentist that treats you like he does his own family, putting your health needs first and not delivery “supervised neglect”, then we are for you.

Keep Smiling.