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Addressing Dental Fears

Who loves to go to the dentist? I bet most of you would rather watch grass grow than visit your dentist for a check-up.

Why do people dread going to the dentist? My experience has allowed me to narrow it down to 2 main issues:

  • Fear of pain
  • Fear of cost

Many patients simply have had bad experiences in the past or have heard horror stories from their friends. We are, after all, a society that seems to focus on negative in our world – most people feel inclined to share and discuss how bad everything is…just watch the news!

So, realizing that these fears are real and won’t go away, how does a dentist address these fears?

Here is what I have decided to do with my practice, Ideal Dentistry:

  • Dentistry should not hurt! We have amazing methods that allow us to do just about anything without pain. For example, new topical anesthetics used properly allow for painless injections.
  • Taking your time as a dentist to discuss all aspects of the treatment sets patients at ease – no surprises! Listen to your patients concerns!
  • Quality Quality Quality! All too often I see terrible dentistry…bad fitting crowns, decay that was left, and fillings that do more harm then good. This is simply not acceptable.
  • Solve the cause first. Everything happens for a reason. Teeth decay for a reason. Teeth break for a reason, etc. At Ideal Dentistry we don’t just fix the resulting problem but we solve the reason for the problem, ensuring that it won’t happen again!
  • Prevention. Yes, it applies to everything in life. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We intercept dental problem before they hurt or become costly.
  • Stand behind your treatment.Everything we do is done to our best ability. Should you have any problems at all just talk to us, we will fix it. Nobody is perfect, but we certainly try.
  • Minimize cost of future treatment. Fixing your teeth right the first time with quality restorations saves you ten fold what you spend in the future.At Ideal Dentistry we actually GUARANTEE that our restorations will last, as long as you follow a few normal maintenance protocols. There is nothing better than knowing you have the best possible type of dentistry in your mouth with the best chance of not needing it replaced or fixed for a very long time.

Ideal Dentistry is different because of the above qualities. We want you to get fixed and get out! I bet you would be much happier if I reduced the time you spent in my dental office and was able to minimize the time you would need with dentists in the future. That is our focus!

Keep smiling.