Individualized Smile Makeovers

Meet Tom (name changed for privacy purposes).

Tom was told by multiple dentists that his teeth were not salvageable. They wanted to pull all his teeth and give him fake teeth - dentures.

Who wants a denture? Your grandmother has dentures, not you!

Then Tom came to see us at Ideal Dentistry. Long story short,<strong> we NEVER give up on our patients</strong> and try to do just about everything we can to <strong>save your teeth</strong>.

We worked hard with Tom to save his teeth and give him a smile that he was proud of. He already had all the character necessary, but his new smile has changed his life!

Tom does not have to take his teeth out at night nor feel like he is 100 years old. He can chew anything he wants and his teeth won't fall out when he laughs. This is what Ideal Dentistry is all about. We change people's lives by delivering life enhancing dentistry.

When you are ready to stop patching your teeth and want it done right by a Dentist that teaches other Dentists how to deliver premium care, come see us here at Ideal Dentistry.

Keep Smiling!

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2 comments on “Individualized Smile Makeovers

I have four years since all my worn out dental was replaced with fake. I need to replace since I qualify for new. I need to know if the medical can qualify me all implants

This is a question you need to take up with your dentist. They need to file with your insurance if they take insurance. Generally speaking insurance is a “benefit” and will only cover a small portion of implants.

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