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What Do Women Really Want? A Man With A Good Smile!

Smile makeovers are not just for women! Why do I brings this up? Well, the last 4 functional smile reconstructions we have completed at Ideal Dentistry were for men!

So why would men want to rebuild their smile?

This brings me to one of the most important, and honest, conversations I heard…

This is a TRUE story that happened not too long ago:

Man: “So, Jenny (changed name, but rest assured Jenny is a very beautiful, middle-aged lady with a successful broadcasting career), how did you date go last weekend with that lawyer?”

Jenny: “Well, he is a really nice guy – he is successful, funny and I liked him a lot, but I hate to say this…with all the success he has achieved, including his beautiful house, car and style, I could never date a man who has bad teeth. Why don’t men fix their teeth? It is one of the most important things in your life.

This is a TRUE conversation, men. Straight from the…ladies mouth.

The AACD, American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, has done multiple studies that have always shown that a good smile, including nice teeth, are a huge boost for career success as well as attractiveness to the opposite sex!

This actually goes both ways! Most men, if given the choice, would probably pick someone with a pretty white smile over a worn down, chipping smile.

So, think about it. Be honest with yourself. Does your smile reflect health? Does your smile reflect confidence? Does your smile reflect the level of success you want to radiate?

When you are ready to fix your smile, the function and the looks, give us a call at Ideal Dentistry, we are Louisville’s Smile Makeover Experts.

Keep Smiling.

Is Your Smile In A Recession? This May Be The BEST Time To See The Dentist

Does a smile make that much of a difference? Ideal Dentisty in Prospect KY is known as the cosmetic dentistry center of Louisville. Daily I discuss porcelain veneers, direct veneers, and other smile enhancing procedures with my patients. The recession has changed how we look at many purchases such as cars, houses, new clothes, etc. BUT, what about your smile?

A smile is not a “luxury”, but rather a key. A smile unlocks doors, makes you feel better about yourself, and helps you reach your full potential. I could go on and on about how a smile gets you the better job, the raise, the warning instead of a ticket…you name it, but instead I will ask you to judge for yourself.

Let’s see how YOU feel about the smiles below. ASK yourself these questions as you look at the before and after photos. Be honest with yourself.

  1. Which person would you date?
  2. Which person is more attractive?
  3. Which person would you hire?
  4. Which person looks younger?
  5. Which person looks healthier?

Assuming they are all the same except for their smiles…

Real or fake, it does not matter, their lives have been lifted up because of it.

In a recession you need to work harder on yourself. You need to stand out and smile. More people are competing for the same job, and more people work daily to keep their job.

Your smile is one of your best tools for success in life, and there has NEVER been a better time to get your new smile than now.

With the advent of GROUPON, specials have emerged everywhere. Dentists everywhere are looking for new patients. The recession has hit every profession.

Pick the best dentist and make them an offer they cannot refuse. Get the smile you want, now, for less than ever before. Everybody wins.

At Ideal Dentistry we have seen an INCREASE in smile makeover cases lately. Why? People are investing in themselves. They are planning ahead. They are getting incredible deals on something that will actually improve their quality of life.

If cosmetic dentistry is something you have been thinking about for a while, contact us to find out what we can do to give you that winning smile!

Smile, It’s Natural.

Porcelain Veneers without Tooth Reduction

So you want Beautiful White Teeth but you dread the idea of having your teeth ground down to little stubs.  I feel the same way about my teeth and would most certainly want the most minimally invasive approach.  The problem is that these “stick on veneers” like lumineers can look fat, opaque and bulky, not exactly what I call cosmetic dentistry.

Here is an example of a zero preperation veneer case I did 3 weeks ago. 

I feel this is a great solution and if done correctly can result in a beautiful smile without cutting teeth!



After Smile
After Smile
What a great way to improve your smile without loosing tooth structure!