Love Your Smile Article

Today a great article was published on MSN.  I have included a link so everyone can read it.

Smile Article

Here is a quick Summary:

  1. We subconsciously connect a dull smile with age€”enamel wears over time, darkening our teeth.
  2. A bright smile, on the other hand, gives the impression of good health and youth.
  3. One quick anti-aging beauty tip: Cut back on teeth-staining habits such as drinking coffee and red wine and smoking cigarettes.
  4. Every day, it seems like another new study links oral health problems to other big health issues such as heart disease, premature birth, and erectile dysfunction.

10 Ways to a Healthier Smile:

  1. Limit carbs to mealtimes
  2. Don’t drink and brush – soda makes teeth weak
  3. Increase your vitamin C intake
  4. Drink tea – black or green
  5. Sip with a straw – soda
  6. Boost calcium consumption
  7. Protect your smile when you swim – chlorine is bad for teeth!
  8. Have an apple a day
  9. Smooch your partner – it also increases saliva in your mouth, which cleans your teeth of the bacteria that can cause cavities
  10. Go for whole grains

I hope you enjoy the article.

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