No Preparation Veneers Done Right

Do you want a beautiful smile but don’t want your teeth cut down?

Do you want a beautiful smile but don’t want an injection?

Do you want a beautiful smile but don’t want to go through wearing plastic teeth that could break or fall off?

Then you want super thin, super strong, no-prep veneers!

I have been restoring smiles with beautiful veneers for a very long time now, and am happy to announce that no-preparation veneers finally have approached the quality level that I demand for my patients.  You can block out the color of dark teeth, change the shape of misaligned teeth, or just enhance your smile with these new veneers without the need for injections or tooth reduction in most cases!

Veneers depend on two things, the skill of the dentist and the skill of the technician.  Here at Ideal Dentistry I use only the highest skilled lab technician, and as most of you know,

Almost without exception, when a patients asks me about veneers they tell me they have a friend that just got them and that they look like Chiclets.  They are afraid that their teeth may turn out that way.  Well, rest assured, our patients don’t get Chiclets, but rather custom designed natural looking teeth.  That is what makes us different.

So, if you ever wanted a beautiful smile but were afraid of the injection or cutting down your teeth, this is your chance to get the best there is from a cosmetic dentist!

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4 comments on “No Preparation Veneers Done Right

I need more information , I really need help

Dear Tim,
Send me a more specific email and I will be more than happy to help you. Also, a quick look may be what you need. Is it a cosmetic dental issue or a functional dental issue? Pain? Let me know and I will help.

Hey I was interested in no prep vanners

Dear Chatavia!

I LOVE no prep veneers!!! Save the tooth structure by not cutting the teeth and still get an amazing result. Some people are not a candidate so it is important that the dentist looks at you first. I would go to an experienced dentist as this is a challenging procedure. You are always welcome to come see me 😉


Dr. Chris

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